June 2: She works hard for the …

I think I’ve worked out why I’ve been going like a bull at a gate on the weeds for the past two days (no, I’m not smoking anything green, just removing them from the lawn).

Not only are they Rene’s enemy, so therefore mine, I think I’m taking out my frustrations on not getting either of the jobs I’d recently applied for. I found out on Friday about the job in Zurich and yesterday about the job in Lausanne. In the wonderful words of Kevin Kline’s character, Otto, in A Fish Called Wanda, “DisapPOINted!”

So, I reckon I am currently in training to be a gardener and, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind that at all!

While working out with Brad today, I listened to the end of the Serial podcast. Manual labour and a mental workout all at the same time. Highly recommended! I won’t say anything about the series in case you haven’t heard it (but I really want to write lots of stuff and have a big discussion!!).

I was overly optimistic thinking I’d get the rest of the lawn done in four hours. It ended up taking just over six, and that was just pulling the weeds out. I’ll fill the holes with soil tomorrow. I enjoyed the work today more than yesterday for some reason – Brad behaved well, all my aches and pains were gone, and I have the Birkenstock tanlines on my feet to remind me of my labours.

Today was also a very big day in the kitchen. Last week, Rene and Liliane decided it was time for us to have a dishwasher, and today it was installed (replacing the small bar fridge). Leo’s eyes went wide when he found out about it, as he has lived here for 12 years without one. We don’t really need it, but it’s a lovely gesture and will be great when we entertain. Now we just need to buy more than the four plates and bowls we currently own! Ahahahahaha. No, that won’t be happening. (Honestly, we’ll probably only use it once a month!)

We finished the television series Derek tonight. Another series bites the dust! We’re on a Netflix roll! I love binge-watching a series and not having to wait a week for the next installment. I really enjoyed Derek, but have never cried quite so much in a supposed comedy series. (It’s set in an old people’s home … join the dots.) Ricky Gervais is a very clever man (although the character of Kev I could have lived without) and I wish I was cleverer and could write something more inspiring about him than him what is clever (said in my best attempted Derek voice).

It got completely dark around 10.15pm tonight. I took this poor quality photo of the full moon just before 10pm. Not long til the longest day, which always makes me sad, because it feels like every year it comes too soon.


Still light enough outside for my old phone to take a photo!

Speaking of phones (caption above), my iPhone 5 was too far gone to be fixed, so Leo very kindly bought me a second-hand one off the internet which should be here by the end of the week! Yahoo! I can use Instagram again #fitfor15in15 @fitfor15in15

Disappointed Roger Federer lost today at the French Open. I’ll have to cheer for Stan now. Or Rafa. Are you watching any tennis? Are you Wimbledon fans too?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

June 1: A short affair

It was a short affair, with so much potential.

I’ve been itching to get my hands on this bad boy for a few weeks now, and today there was no holding me back.

He’s long and lean and good at his job. Let’s call him Brad. Putting Brad to the test sounds like fun, right? It shouldn’t be so bad, right?

Well, like most affairs, the idea was more exciting than the end result. He promised so many good things – at the least, a sense of happiness and satisfaction – and came up short. To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind if I never saw him again, but alas we have another date tomorrow.



The weed puller

Oh, Brad, you’ve ruined me! You’ve given me pain all over. My hands are bruised, despite the gloves, my left wrist aches, my back is twisted, my stomach’s sore … and there’s still so much lawn to be done. Waaaaaaaaa! We still have to be together tomorrow! Noooooooooo!


Exhibit A – holes

I didn’t take before and after photos of the lawn, because, hey, even I found it hard to see the difference. If it wasn’t for all the holes Brad left behind, you wouldn’t even known we’d been through a third of the lawn. I’m finding it hard to believe 10 large buckets of weeds and earth have been removed from that area! Because the weeds grow so low to the ground, with a random bloom sprouting up a few days after it’s been mowed, the change is hardly noticeable.

And really, who wants to see a weed? Holes aren’t much better, let’s be honest! Here’s what the clean section looks like …


Exhibit B – doesn’t look all that different really

Rivetting huh? And the saddest part is that area took six hours to do – shoving Brad into the ground, twisting him clockwise, pulling him out, then pushing his lever (using my stomach mostly; that’s why it’s sore) to release the dreaded weed.

You know what’s even sadder? I still have two-thirds of the lawn to do! Luckily this third was the worst; I should be able to finish the rest in about four hours. Then I’ll fill the wheelbarrow with soil and fill in all the holes, so the lawnmower wheels don’t fall in them. Some of them are quite wide.

I forgot to say Rene came home from hospital yesterday, in good spirits. He felt fit enough to go into his cellar to retrieve a gift for Leo and I, much to Leo’s disgust! In an effort to tighten the purse strings, I accepted our neighbours’ kind offer of their old door hanger, to keep the flies out and let the breeze in. Now it really feels like summer! Waiter! Where’s my pina colada?!


If you can’t go to the Caribbean, bring it home!

I can’t wait for my summer fling with Brad to end. He’s nowhere near as exciting, or satisfying, as I thought he’d be. But I’m sure Rene’s happy we’ve spent this time together.

Wishing you a wonderful day.