I can’t believe it’s the third month of fitfor15in15 already!

March 1: My new favourite walk!

March 2: Exercise to boost your mood

March 3: 30 minutes of Yoga Cross Training

March 4: Step, step, stepping out

March 5: fitfor15in15’s 43 for 43

March 6-8: Writing while on holiday is tough!

Birthday weekend in Strasbourg

March 9: The 7-Minute Workout

March 10: Five-hour walk to Bern

March 11: 15 minutes with the tins … and gardening

March 12: 4km run and a bathroom cupboard cleanup

The first woodpecker for 2015

March 13: Lots of tripping doing 30 minutes skipping

March 14: Five-hour walk from Aarberg to Wohlen bei Bern

March 15: An easy workout and the end of the Bluths

March 16: 20 minutes with Billy Blanks … on mute

March 17: Sweat, but no beers, on St Patrick’s Day

March 18: 30 minutes of “Badass” Yoga

March 19: A new running path and distance

March 20: Five hours in the garden and a 40 minute walk

March 21: Interesting stuff, food for thought, I wonder …

March 22: Standing at a different kind of barre

Juggling life when you don’t have time

March 23: Sprint training

March 24: No internet = a productive day

March 25: 30 minutes on the step machine

March 26: Thera-Band and walking in the city

March 27: Totally. Exhausted.

March 28: Sightseeing and the 7-Minute Workout

March 29: 20-minute yoga workout and food dilemmas

March 30: 30-minute HIIT workout

March 31: Lausanne, push ups, abs and other inspirations

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