Far out, it’s the fifth month of fitfor15in15. (Try saying that quickly!)

May 1: Working on International Workers’ Day

May 2: Getting back on the bandwagon

May 3: Another Sunday walk

May 4: The force was strong on Monday Runday

May 5: Oops but for a good reason!

May 6: Catch-up photos and postponed nervousness

Travelling light: Toiletries and make-up

May 6 #2: An assortment of bodyweight exercises

May 7: Gardening and a little ditty

May 8: A slow walking and exploring kind of day

May 9: Cheering on the Bern GP runners … too late!

May 10: Swiss Camino Day 1

May 11: Swiss Camino Day 2

May 12: Swiss Camino Day 3

May 13: Swiss Camino Day 4

May 14: Swiss Camino Day 5 – final day

May 15: Injured at home in the dry

May 16: Gardening all day!

May 17: Mentally fit with a book

May 18: Monday Runday – 4km

May 19: Feeling flat … and new nutrition guidelines

May 20: Tulip season is over – with a bull…dozer

May 21: Running around without raising a sweat

May 22: Late post after a great night

May 23: Eurovision Song Contest, yeah baby!

May 24: Exercising my confidence

May 25: No Monday Runday

May 26: A nothing kind of day!

May 27: Five hours in the garden

May 28: Caving for a craving

May 29: Physical and mental

May 30: Physical and mental #2

May 31: The World’s Longest Staircase

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