Welcome: What is fitfor15in15?

January 1: A one-hour afternoon walk, in the snow, with friends around our neighbourhood

January 2: Squats, lunges, general twists and turns for 15 minutes before bed

January 3: Parked the car just outside the city and walked around town

January 4: Walked around a lakeside town for 30 minutes

January 5: Skipped, using a skipping rope, outside the house in the lovely sunshine for 15 minutes

January 6: Walking to the Wohlensee

January 7: Exercise video in the lounge room

January 8: 25 minutes of strength exercises

January 9: 30 minutes on the little step machine

Mentally Fit with Online Courses

January 10: Jogging in the forest can be dangerous

January 11: 15 minutes after half a bottle of wine

January 12: A walk into Wohlen and home again

Starting a new habit – morning meditation and stretching

January 13: Yoga

On the right path to a good morning routine

January 14: Weather turns the day upside down

January 15: Dance like no one’s watching

January 16: Feeling the pressure

January 17: Bad weather + no motivation = 15 minutes again

From green to white, overnight

January 18: Walking to Möriswil

January 19: A day of silence

This is getting serious now!

January 20: Indulging an embarrassing passion

January 21: Pleasant surprises

January 22: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

January 23: Clean and simple

January 24: Bedtime yoga

January 25: Two-hour walk in the neighbourhood

January 26: Aussies here for Australia Day

January 27: HIIT me with your rhythm sticks!

January 28: Tourists for the day

January 29: Fondue + exercise = bad idea

January 30: Morning yoga

January 30 #2: Stepping out to the tennis

January 31: 15-minute workout on the floor

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