Welcome to the fourth month of fitfor15in15.

April 1: No fool for food and HIIT

April 2: A new yoga workout

April 3: Minimalism, mindfulness and living intentionally

April 4: 15 minutes of weighted squats and lunges

April 5: Just in time … Easter egg hunt!

April 6: Walking our new favourite path again

April 7-10: The Alsace Region

April 11: 20-minute core workout

April 12: Lorena’s special day and bedtime yoga

April 13: 4km run, 40 minute walk and day one of the 5:2 Diet

April 14: 15-minute workout with Tabata

April 15: New 20-minute HIIT routine with a happy trainer

April 16: Skipping, a nice surprise and day two of fasting on the 5:2 Diet

April 17: Morning yoga, new yoga and sounds against silence

April 18: Squats and binging

April 19: Walking around the Schwarzsee (now with photos)

April 20: 5km run, walk, run, shuffle, walk, run … argh!

April 21: A lovely surprise!

April 21 #2: Walking from the city and gardening

April 22: Yoga and gardening

Friendship, memories and stuff

April 23: Tough ab workout and flexibility

April 24: Be like a boxer

April 25: P.S.P.P.S … Lest We Forget

April 26: Strolling in the neighbourhood

April 27: Monday Runday … or Runday Monday?

April 28: Triple-A treat

April 29: What a great afternoon!

April 30: The knock-on effect

2 thoughts on “April

  1. You may find Zoe Harcombe’s book interesting. She says Eat Less, Move More is bad information and just leads to loss of energy. Her mantra is Eat Better, Do What You Like. It’s worked for me for a few years now – wonderful food, plenty of it and on her 5 day plan I lose 3 or 4 lbs while eating more than usual! (I’ve just done it again after my very sedentary writing month). Works for me…see it on my blog under ‘Simply Eat’ – hope it is of interest.

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    • Thank you Freda, I will definitely read more about Zoe’s book, and on your site too. I’m a sponge at the moment and really keen to find something manageable that doesn’t involve complex 15-ingredient meals.


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