We’ll be reaching the fitfor15in15 halfway point at the end of this month!

June 1: A short affair

June 2: She works hard for the …

June 3: Very warm, very lazy

June 4: A bit of everything kind of day

June 5: A scorcher!

June 6: Pool and lawn success

June 7: Stormy night and a cool, calm day

June 8: Kärcher Queen

June 9: Catch-ups and temptations

June 10: Craving sugar, much?

June 11: I broke the mower!

June 12: A busy but pain-full day

June 13: The first swim of summer

June 14: Fourth anniversary

June 15: Come again another day

June 16: Going bongos on your birthday

June 17: Possibilities?

June 18: A ceremonial swapping of the tools

June 19: Work and play

June 20 and 21: Saturday night and Sunday morning

June 22: The wheels are falling off

June 23: Easy does it

June 24: Mixed bag of goodies

June 25: Stress … and relax

June 26: Feast or famish

June 27 and 28: Weekend wrap

June 29: Zoom zoom zoom!

June 30: Didn’t that go fast?

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