The plan for July is to revive the habit of exercising for a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

July 1: Back on the horse

July 2: Karma Police

July 3-5: Weekend wrap

July 6: Stop horsing around!

July 7: Not sure what to say

July 8: Just …

July 9: Girly afternoon

July 10-12: Weekend wrap

July 13: Getting organised

July 14: Stinker!

July 15: Close encounters

July 16: Vincent-esque

July 17-19: Weekend wrap

July 20: A truly grand design

July 21: What I’m taking to Sicily

July 22: Glory-ious Days

July 23: Getting excited … and new hair!

July 24: What a crazy day!

July 25: Meet me in St Louis

July 26-29: Sicily!

July 30: Taormina

July 31: More sunshine

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