Guest Contributors

Here you can find guest posts from people who have made feeling fit a high priority. These contributors have a range of interests, experience and expertise. Hopefully, their stories will help inspire, motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals too.

Getting Started by Nat Gauld. Nat is a fitness instructor in Australia with more than 10 years experience.

Becoming a runner by Karie Parker. Karie started running four years ago and is preparing for her third marathon.

I am a spinner by Peta Yaxley. Peta loves to create beautiful woolen garments.

Embracing Phase Three by Kate Lehmann. Kate’s outdoor lifestyle is now in its third phase.

No More Rules by Sal Book. Sal changed her personal rules and found a new passion.

Break it down by Richard Wheeler. Tricky recommends focussing on one idea at a time.

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