May 1: Working on International Workers’ Day

Today is, or was, International Workers’ Day or Labour Day and oh, the ironing, I mean irony.

Instead of sitting back with my feet up enjoying this day of rest, I was hard at work at Liliane and Rene’s, cleaning like a crazy woman. While half of Switzerland kicked back watching the torrential rain, I was gagging on vinegar fumes scrubbing the shower walls. (Must remember to dilute that stuff a bit more next time.)

The last time I put on my Sadie the Cleaning Lady hat, I vacuumed the ceilings to get rid of some small cobwebs, but thankfully for my back, I didn’t have to do that and feel a whole lot better for it. I still managed to clock up four hours of cleaning, so I’ll do the bedtime yoga again, just to give my back a bit of a stretch before sleeping.

Two things I’d like to talk about today. Leo found this hilarious phone app called MyIdol. Well, not only Leo has found it, it’s going gangbusters around the world. It’s in Chinese, but it makes for some great laughs. Click the link above to see some funny photos and videos (love Putin pole dancing) and if you fancy downloading the app and making some pictures yourself, then here’s an article with the instructions in English. Believe me, you need them, otherwise you end up looking like this …


A bad everything day!

Second, but definitely way more important than that narcissistic silliness, is the Netflix series Bloodline.

We finished the first season yesterday and it was great; I really recommend it if you like a bit of drama and suspense. The premise of the show is: “A picture-perfect family is hiding many secrets. When the rebel oldest brother returns to the fold, wanting to be part of the family business, things change in many different ways.” I’m not going to give anything more away, other than the initial reason I chose to watch this is because Kyle Chandler is the main actor.

I loved Mr Chandler so much in Friday Night Lights, choosing this was a no-brainer. I realised some of the traits of his FNL character, such as certain mouth movements and stares, were also part of his character in Bloodline, so maybe they’re not acting traits, they’re Kyle Chandler traits?!

Wow, that was a long diatribe, because what I really wanted to say was we watched this show because I have a teenie weenie crush on KC, but the real star is Ben Mendelsohn, the returning brother. Wow, he is good. Really good. Scene-stealingly good. And I’m very proud to say he’s an Aussie. Watching the show has definitely been a good contribution to my mental fitness – even though all the characters are mental!

If you don’t have Netflix, I’m sure it’s quite hard to see this series, but hopefully it becomes widely available sooner rather than later. I’m looking forward to the next season which will be released next year.

I hope you’re all well, wherever you’re reading this. Welcome to May. Thank you for being on this fitfor15in15 adventure, too.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

April 26: Strolling in the neighbourhood

Like a couple of old wanderers, Leo and I walked around the neighbourhood this afternoon for more than an hour. I have to admit it was at a very relaxed pace.

(Writing ‘walking in the neighbourhood’ reminds me of this Sesame Street classic. And can you believe? People think kale is something new and funky but here it is mentioned in … what … the mid 1970s?! Love Bob too.)

Back to the walk … We went to the tulip field, up the hill to visit the cows at my favourite farmhouse, said hello to what felt like half the village during peak hour in the forest, then along the horse trail, past fields of Urdinkel, into the neighbouring village, patted the little horses and up through the fields to home.

All in all, a very nice way to spend the afternoon before the rains came. Tonight we chowed down on Leo’s lasagne and started a new TV series called Bloodline. This is much more to my liking than Braquo. I am a major Kyle Chandler fan, which helps.

  • Physically Fit: A leisurely wander
  • Mentally Fit: A leisurely wander; saying hello to all the animals
  • Nutritionally Fit: Last of the chocolate cake and too much lasagne
  • Minimalism: A leisurely wander. It really does tick all boxes other than food.

Here are some photos from the walk.

Wishing you a wonderful day.