July 7: Not sure what to say

Death hasn’t often lurked in my sphere, but in less than two weeks, two friends have passed away – Annie in New Zealand on June 25 and Elisa in Australia today. Both were way too young, had been sick with different forms of cancer, and leave lasting impressions.

I didn’t write about Annie at the time of her death because it didn’t feel right. I’m not even sure I should write about her and Elisa now. They were both fighters and I think, if anything, I want to acknowledge their fighting spirits.

Fingers crossed they’re feeling fantastic, wherever they are now. I hope Annie has her immaculate wardrobe and pearls, and Heineken still quenches her thirst. I hope Elisa is surrounded by music and white horses and dances under the stars every night. Needless to say, family and friends would have preferred for them to be with us a little longer, but wow, they sure gave it all they had when they were here. The only consolation is they’re no longer in pain.

I wrote to Bronwyn, Annie’s best friend, who I met Annie through, with a collection of thoughts and memories. Bronwyn read them to Annie’s cousin, who asked to use them in the eulogy. Leo came up with the idea of foregoing eulogies by telling those around us what we would say about them at their funeral, while they’re still alive. I know not everyone is presented with an opportunity like this, but isn’t it a lovely thought?

Wishing you a wonderful day.