May 5: Oops but for a good reason!

It’s 11.18pm and I’m typing this under the bedcovers on my mobile phone because …

I totally forgot to write today’s post.

I had grand plans of discussing last night’s World Snooker Championship final, the flooded Aare river in Bern, my lunch with Leonie and then dinner with Claudia but instead I came home, watched tv with Leo and came to bed.

Just as slumber was about to take hold, it hit me – no blog post! Argh!

I know I’m distracted because tomorrow morning something exciting is going to happen. I’ll tell you all about it then!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

March 1: My new favourite walk!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, “Why didn’t I do that earlier?” Today’s walk on a new path very close to our house was a slap-myself-on-the-forehead situation. Three years I’ve been here … three years.

Normally when I go walking in the neighbourhood, I go out onto the main road, turn left up through a patch of trees then turn right into some fields. Rene, our neighbour, took us on a nighttime drive after dinner two Fridays ago and showed us another walking path near the house – instead of turning right, walk a bit further then turn left.

What a revelation! We live near a creek! I had no idea running water was so close. It’s at the bottom of the deep ravine behind our house. I’ve never walked into the forest and down the ravine because it’s too steep, and had no idea this mystery ‘path to the left’ led to this little wonder. It’s totally lifted my spirits, knowing there’s a whole new area to discover and enjoy in summer. I envisage picnic packing, feet cooling, deer spotting, silence appreciating good times ahead.

Enough with the talk – here are the photos! We walked for 80 minutes in total, and I’m so in love with this new path I’m going to be doing it regularly. It’s steep, but walking towards Wohlen means most of it’s downhill. Maybe when I’m fit enough, I can run the opposite direction and have a killer hill just before home?

Hopefully the pictures do it justice and you can see, and feel, my excitement about having this formerly unknown area to us both literally (and I use that term in its correct sense) in our backyard. *smacks forehead in disbelief*

Wishing you a wonderful day.

February 9: A momentous day!

Well, today goes down in my Swiss history as a very important day. This morning, I collected from the local council office … my very first Swiss working visa!!!

After three years, I am now allowed to apply for any job in Switzerland (before a company would have had to prove to immigration that I was the only person in the EU who could do the job, because there are no work agreements between Australia and Switzerland. I’d applied for several jobs with no luck) – that’s two years earlier than the standard five-year waiting period for non-EU people.

And I can now volunteer as well! Without the work visa I couldn’t even offer my services for free. Hopefully there’s an animal shelter nearby that could use some help … or a farm that needs apples picked in season … or people who require assistance with their English … the list goes on. It’s such an incredible feeling! Endless opportunities.

I walked down to the council office feeling a huge amount of trepidation. The letter arrived last Thursday, saying my visa was ready to be collected, but it didn’t say if it was the work visa or just my regular yearly visa (which didn’t allow me to work). I couldn’t go on Friday, because I was in Lausanne, so today was the day.

That walk will stick with me for a long time … the feeling of what if … or maybe what not … but I was almost unwilling to arrive for fear of bad news. I took photos on the walk … wasting some time perhaps/putting off what felt like the inevitable … and then I walked in and the woman said “Yes, it’s a work visa!” I told her I could almost cry, and I almost did. Instead, I did a little happy dance in the foyer, which is a very un-Swiss thing to do!

So today, things have changed. I’ve even applied for my first job already!

Now for a quick 15 minutes of fitfor15in15 exercise, so I can celebrate with champagne when Leo comes home! Maybe I should just dance around the lounge room like an idiot?!

Wishing you a wonderful day.


In the distance, they’re chopping down trees from the forest. Hopefully they’re also planting some new ones too


Until now, this little pond has been free from ice. It was a cold weekend


A local artist has many figures in his or her garden


This little shop, in another garden on the walk to the bus, sells eggs, potatoes and so on, using an honesty-box system