November 9: Sweet and short


A few minutes later, I had a nice surprise

When running for the bus this morning, a woman in a very fancy car stopped and asked if I wanted a ride to the bus stop in Wohlen. I was cutting it fine to make it on time, so it was such a nice surprise to be offered a lift. It’s only happened once before, and that wasn’t that long ago (from a different woman).

Maybe if I time it right, I can blag a lift to the bus every morning? 🙂

It was a day of laziness, because Leo was at his office in the city this afternoon, so I managed a lift home as well!

If this Indian summer continues as planned this week, perhaps I should dust off the Töffli? Hard to believe it’s November and temperatures are still in the high teens (Celsius).

Are you having an Indian summer too (if you live in the northern hemisphere)? Or has spring well and truly sprung for southerners?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

June 3: Very warm, very lazy


Lovely flowers from Liliane as a thank you for being invited to dinner last Friday

I’m surprised to see the day wasn’t as warm as I thought. It felt like more than 30 degrees, but apparently we had a maximum of 26 around 4pm.

I was in the garden for an hour from 11-12, snooping around for any rogue weeds hiding about the place. There were plenty, but I had to draw the line somewhere and somewhere was the heat!

How soft am I becoming?! I used to live in Darwin, Australia, and thrived in the high 30s with 90% humidity. Now it’s 24 with no wind and I have to take a break? Sheesh! Three and a half years in Switzerland has turned me into a mild-weather lover as opposed to a sauna lover.

Maybe today’s ‘lapse’ was my mind secretly telling me, “Hey, you, watch some French Open tennis.” So I made myself comfortable on the couch for Serena Williams’ match against an Italian, whose name I’ve forgotten, and Djokovic beating Nadal.

I feel very lucky to have had that as an option.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


These very soft, pink blooms grow in spring/summer from a green grass ball. Love it!


The first white flower from the tall spindly plant … I really need to learn the names!


Another little garden photo

May 26: A nothing kind of day!

Well, rain and more rain. It seems the more rain that falls, the less motivation I have!

I finished The Goldfinch today (thank goodness! My review is here) and watched some French Open Tennis. I hardly stepped out of the house all day … and ate a lot … not good.

But tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya … it’s going to be sunny apparently. A rip roaring 18 degrees (I’m currently wearing my winter slippers), woo hoo! It better be a long, hot summer when it finally comes around … brrr … or should that be grrr.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Here’s a photo of a Fire Salamander I saw near the garage in June last year. I wonder if he (or any of his family) will be back in a few weeks’ time.


A friendly Fire Salamander

May 25: No Monday Runday

It rained pretty much all day today, so not much to report. We didn’t put the tent up near the pool and there was no chance for Monday Runday. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better tomorrow either! I’m taking it as an opportunity to recharge my batteries.

I had a terrible night’s (lack of) sleep with hayfever, and didn’t wake up til about 10am. I did finish potting the geraniums (photos to come when it’s not raining), we watched silly programs on television, I read my book and Leo cooked dinner.

We ended the night watching Samuel L. Jackson and Emilio Estevez in National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1, which I’d pretty much forgotten existed (odd, because I love that sort of humour). Hot Shots, with Emilio’s brother Charlie Sheen, is one of my favourite films.

Lines from Loaded Weapon which stand out for me for their cheesiness include a heated conversation between Estevez, who wants to find out who the bad guys are, and Jon Lovitz. “Give me a name!” “Weren’t your parents supposed to do that?” 🙂

And I also chuckle when Jackson is showing a t-shirt, which has a photo of a woman (Whoopi Goldberg) on the front, to a guy. Jackson explains they’re looking for information about her. When he sees the t-shirt, the guy asks, “Is that her?” “No, that’s a picture.”

And on those bombshells, I wish you a wonderful day!

May 8: A slow walking and exploring kind of day


So Swiss! On the way to the bus stop

A short post today, without a silly song. Although I did talk jibberish with the cow above on my way to the bus to meet Claudia for lunch and then Pastora and Iva for ‘afternoon tea’.

My brain seems to have tuned out from the fitness side of things at the moment, probably because I know we’re going walking soon and that will be a really good workout for five days. So today, I just walked to and from the bus and wandered around an area of Bern that I’ve never been to before.

Claudia, always a great tour guide, took me to the Muesmatt Quartier. It’s very much a university area, being so close to various faculties, and it’s also very charming. In one part, all the streets are named after birds. Below is a good example of its sweet style.


Checking out a new area of Bern with Claudia

Once again, Cafe Pyrennes provided some solid entertainment for Pastora, Iva and I this afternoon. We met a retired local sports journalist and had quite a few friendly arguments with him about all manner of things, but mostly women’s sport, of which he’s not a fan. Harrumph! But despite this jostling, it was a wonderful day.

Wishing you one too.

p.s Hopefully I can post updates from the Swiss Jakobsweg, or Swiss Camino, from tomorrow. We catch the train sometime before sunset to Constance and then should begin walking on Sunday, May 10. Just got to work out how to upload the photos onto my iPad while we’re underway!