February 22: A 20-minute walk for eggs

Inspiration came from … ummm … somewhere … on Friday and I baked a chocolate and raspberry cake. Then yesterday, I baked a loaf of bread. Stop me now! Both were incredibly easy and healthy, and turned out just like the photos in the recipes. They’ll be made again. (I should mention this baking/cooking thing is very unlike me. Very.)


The bread and what’s left of the cake

Making the bread used up our last three eggs, so if we wanted a hearty Sunday breakfast, Leo suggested we walk to the nearest village to buy eggs from the honesty-box shop. It had stopped snowing but for some reason I really wasn’t interested in going for a walk – too cold, too lazy! But Leo’s coaxing did the trick and once we were outside, it was totally worth it.

I moved from Australia to Switzerland just over three years ago, and still find snow intriguing – especially the way it clings to things and the squeaky noise it makes when you walk through it. Hopefully the novelty never wears off (like it must have if you’re living in parts of the USA and Canada right now). There is a disclaimer, though – while snow can be fun, I really don’t do well in the cold.

When we arrived in the village, a chicken was cackling like an old woman; an infectious laugh and soon we couldn’t stop either. I could totally see her as a woman from the 70s, with a cigarette in one hand and a wine glass in the other, leaning suggestively over a table of hors d’oeuvres as she told the most hilaaaaarious story, darling. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo of her, as she was hiding under a small tree in her pen. Highlight of the day, after eggs on toast for breakfast of course!

It’s Sunday, so this pleasant 20-minute round trip is today’s fitfor15in15. I’ll raise more of a sweat during the week, promise. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

6 thoughts on “February 22: A 20-minute walk for eggs

    • The honesty-box shop is a real treat Freda. I like buying my eggs from there (and sometimes a few other bits and pieces) because I know the hens have a pretty good life on that farm. Three quarters of the snow fell off our roof yesterday afternoon, in two batches. Leo thought we were under attack, or they were earthquakes! We were rocked by two loud booms with the ground and house shaking!


  1. Love the photos – thanks. Today I can read your blog without feeling slothful. First day back at the gym for 2 months. Hard slog ! Hopefully I start to feel as energetic and svelt as you with no injury flare ups.

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  2. I adore snow and winter wonderland – but then I grew up with them! It looks so pretty down your way – here we only had a sprinkling of icing sugar which melted in the course of the morning 😦 Not been a good couple of years for snow – even my “ski” break was spent in the green at 1500m above sea level 😮 Still, baking is a good solution…
    Love that your Stewi is covered in snow, makes it downright architectural lol!!

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    • Thanks swissrose! The whole snow thing still confounds me sometimes. Not many people like slush, but I find the squeaky powder just mesmerising! Three quarters of the snow fell off the roof yesterday afternoon, in two lots. We didn’t know what was going on – Leo thought it was an earthquake!


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