March 26: Thera-Band and walking

Still no joy with the internet so I have no idea how long it will be before I can post regularly again. What a right royal pain in the derriere. I’m using my new iPad mini, which Leo gave me for my birthday, with a foreign keyboard which is taking some getting used to. Well, I have the time now to go through and sort out what the Function and Alt keys can do, and maybe to find the exclamation mark, which some may say is a good thing to lose. I do use it extravagantly.

The weather has gone cold and overcast again, so running at the moment doesn’t hold quite the allure as it does in glorious sunshine. So I’ve come into the city to post this update using the train station internet, which is free for an hour, and to walk around for a while, for fun, as my fitfor15in15 workout today. I might also go home and do some exercises with the Thera-Band.

Unfortunately, writing the posts at home using my mobile phone as a wireless hotspot has used all my data for the month. I’m in the city also to ask when that resets. It’s strange being so dependent on an internet connection. Maybe this little forced experiment will be good for my book reading challenge, where I hope to read 52 books this year. I’ve fallen behind, so now’s my chance to catch up (exclamation mark).

Wishing you a wonderful day.