August 13: What I’m taking to London

Ok, here’s the boring post about what I’m taking to London for the five day trip. Once again, I’ve packed too much, because of that old “well there’s still lots of room” trap.

Instead of the carry-on suitcase I took to Sicily (see what I took to Sicily for a two-week holiday here), I’m taking a lightweight backpack which is also water resistant. There will be rain this weekend! I wouldn’t want to carry this on a long walking trip as the straps don’t provide much support, but for the train and underground trips it will be perfect.

The idea is that most things can be layered. The long sleeve green top goes under the colourful sleeveless top, the black tank top goes under everything, the cardigan goes over everything (except the cream long sleeve top which is a bit full), the long sleeve green top goes under the cream long sleeve and so on and so on …

And so on we go!


My toiletries and make-up are pretty much what I took on the Camino and to Sicily, but this time instead of the blue travel case, I’ve just put everything into a medium-sized ziplock plastic bag, which you have to take out and show when you’re travelling with hand luggage only. So rather than have both bags, I’ve just packed one.

On the plane, I’ll be wearing the jeans, belt, black sturdy shoes and socks, black tank top, cream long sleeve top, black jacket, jewellery (with green earrings) and black and cream scarf. Everything else, except for the skirt which is a heavy jersey material, fits into a packing cube, including the hat!

Some people hate packing cubes, some love them. I’m in the love camp. Because my backpack has only one large cavity, it’s great to know I can put my hand in there and pull out the clothes bag, which has a handy handle at the top. Shame the black skirt doesn’t fit in, but hey …


All my clothes, except for the skirt, in the cube. You can see the spots of my hat

So in the bag will be the packing cube, a shoe bag with my sandals and two pairs of socks, my black skirt, the iPad, my toiletries ziplock bag and my handbag, which holds all the necessities, including the electronics charger. Oh yes and my wallet. Can’t forget that!

Leo is very kindly coming home to drop me off at Bern train station. Then it’s the train to Basel, flight to Gatwick, then train to central London for a very exciting and much appreciated long weekend with many friends! And a 20-year reunion! Time to get ready πŸ™‚

Wishing you a wonderful day.

6 thoughts on “August 13: What I’m taking to London

  1. Have a great trip. You are certainly little Miss Organised when it comes to packing. I have never really worked out why traveling light is a virtue (except when you are backpacking) but you certainly have the mix and match thing going well. I need to take some lessons from you for the cruise trip packing – in terms of planning I mean – I am unlikely to travel light. Anyway enough of that – totally enjoy your great break. Lucky you

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    • It was such a joy to be able to walk around during the day with my bag, going from place to place and friend’s house to friend’s house. I didn’t use my iPad much so that was weight I could have done without, but other than that everything was used. Being on the underground without a big bag is also a bonus. Being able to help a woman with many bags, carrying a sleeping five-year old, was also nice. Our flight to London was delayed by three hours, so we arrived way past his bed time and she was struggling.

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