September 1-2: I had an interview and …

First days of autumn, leaves are already falling … and things could be falling into place.

I had a job interview yesterday, September 1, and I think it went quite well. Not the greatest (of course, when I got home I thought of all the things I SHOULD HAVE SAID), but fingers crossed they like me. If I get the job, of course I’ll tell you all about it. If I don’t get the job, of course I’ll still tell you all about it! 🙂

The weather has been a classic these past few days. The last day of summer was glorious – 31 degrees! – and the first days of autumn have been fresh and rainy. It’s like the seasons’ switch was turned 90 degrees on August 31 … that’s it, no more summer, let’s go to *click* autumn.


Last day of summer and one last shot of the brown legs!


The change is coming!


And sunrise on the first day of autumn! Rain!

It was nice getting dressed into ‘work appropriate clothing’ for the interview – working at the Dojo is quite relaxed and shorts in summer were welcomed. So I wore a skirt (didn’t ride the Töffli, caught the bus) and a nice woolen twin set which proved to be a bit warm while I was being interviewed. Perhaps the room was heated, but more likely it was nervous sweat?!?!

Today, I went to work then raced off to a photographer’s studio with the Töffli loaded up with gear. We were taking photos for the Enso Shop website, and I modelled the product. It was nice setting up the room with the photographer and feeling ‘business like’ for the second day in a row.


Hey look! That’s me!

And now the waiting game continues … Will I get the job? All fingers and toes and arms and legs and hair strands are crossed! I’d still be able to continue working at the Dojo as the job is 80%. So I’ll go from working a few hours a week to 100%! Ahahaha … and yes, those four articles still need to be written too! *gulp*

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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