October 28-31: Mum and Judy visit Bern, and the RWC

After months of talking about it, my mum and sister’s visit came and went in the blink of an eye.

They arrived about 9.30pm on the 26th, and left at 5pm on the 30th. Why would you come all this way for only a few days, I hear you ask? Well they’re now on a 36-day cruise from Athens to Singapore, and hopefully having a whale of a time. It was great they could fit in a few days with us beforehand – or as I like to say, do the obligatory family catch-up before the real fun began! 😉

They were here in summer 2012, and I was worried the cooler weather this time might be a downer, but the sun came out every day, and Friday was positively balmy!

Here’s a small collection of photos from their trip. I worked on the Wednesday, so Mum and Judy wandered around Wohlen bei Bern, then we went out for dinner Wednesday night; Thursday we drove to Thun and toured the castle, walked to the lake and then went to dinner and saw the light show in Bern; and Friday we walked the Lüggliweg path (the one I “discovered” in March) to Restaurant Kreuz in Wohlen bei Bern for lunch, and had a very cruisy afternoon before they jumped on the train to Zurich for their flight to Athens.

The autumnal colours were out in full force and it was nice they could visit the Stöckli again before we have to move. And they both fell in love with a very popular Swiss salad, called Nüsslisalat. Here’s a link about it in English. Do you know of this salad leaf too? It’s very yummy with chopped egg and bacon.

Saturday night we went to Evi and Paul’s for a lovely dinner, and to watch the Rugby World Cup final, where the better team, New Zealand, beat the underdogs, Australia. (Leo got quite into the RWC, and we watched many games each weekend.) I’m very happy for all Kiwis, and we will miss seeing Dan Carter on the field in the future. What a face!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

One thought on “October 28-31: Mum and Judy visit Bern, and the RWC

  1. Yum, Nüsslisalat – I only know it as Lamb’s Lettuce, and mâche is the French term! In high German they call it Feldsalat… it’s popular because it grows through the cold months, too, and yes, heavenly with bacon and egg 😉 Or chicken Gschnetzltes…
    Grittibänz have different names in different areas; I first learned Grittibänz in Kt. St. Gallen, but when I moved 25 km down the road, I found it is a Teigmänndli in Thurgau, much more pragmatic!! ;o Definitely associated with Dec. 6th, St. Nicholas’ Day, when you can choose one with a switch for naughty children to make the scolding sweeter, I guess… The ones with pipes look just like little Appenzeller men to me ;).
    Of course, as far as the Swiss are concerned, you are a world away, what, 160 km??!! Certainly as far as dialect and culture go lol! At least the weather is uniting us this autumn… beyoootiful!

    (sorry, some of this is out of context, as I’m catching up in one fell swoop!!)


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