November 4: Trying to find a writing rhythm again


At last – a morning without fog! View from our bedroom window


It wasn’t actually a dark morning at all, but while running for the bus I snapped this quickly. Love it!

It’s been so long since I’ve written on a daily basis, but it would be nice to go out with a bang for the final few months of fitfor15in15. Not sure what I’ll do with the site next year. Maybe register a new domain name and bring all the content across? And make it something not date specific (beginner’s mistake and lesson learned!).

Have you ever tried The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? I followed the book many years ago and enjoyed the process, but nothing amazing came of it apart from some naval gazing. Oh ok, maybe one or two rip-snorter lines were written, but all those pages were binned before moving to Switzerland.

Cameron’s idea is to write every day. Every morning. Whatever you feel like. I have fond memories of the large yellow writer’s notepad I used, and storing them all in folders arranged by months. It’s also designed to spark creativity in other areas of your life too. I seem to remember being well dressed during this time! 😉

It would be nice to get back into a daily writing rhythm, along with a return to a daily meditation and exercise rhythm (that shouldn’t be too hard, it’s only 15 minutes, right?!). The start of the year was great for this, but once the habit was broken …. well …

A while ago, I mentioned breaking the day down into 15 minute blocks, and this could be one way to get the flow happening again. If it’s only for 15 minutes it’s not daunting. If I could get up an hour earlier I’d be well on the way to achieving four things before the day had even started! Must work on that. Note to self … start tomorrow morning.

Where I write is a lovely area and sitting at my desk in winter is especially enjoyable – I can put my feet on the radiator under the desk. Luxury! And there’s a window which faces the forest. Must do something with the corkboard hanging above the desk, though. The weight of all the additions caused a collapse, and it now looks less than inspiring.


Time to sort out, thin out and rearrange!

I might just do that now … but before I go, here are some snaps of where I work …


The leaf blowers are out in full force in the city. The building on the right is part of Bern University


A sweet little garden, with my office, the white building, behind


It’s nice working in this office (an old house) on the first floor. The building on the right is a book store

So, the wheels are in motion to write every day again. I might have done about 15 minutes worth of writing tonight, but gosh it’s disjointed. The only way is up!

Wishing you a wonderful day.