Often copied, never equalled

The shock of David Bowie’s death last night, just days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 25th album, feels quite surreal. Not knowing he was sick makes it harder to grasp.

One of my friends wrote, “Not too many famous people’s deaths make me go ‘Aw, fuck,’ but David Bowie’s has.” and I feel the same. He will remain a hero for more than one day.

What was your favourite Bowie song? (Did you even like him?) I think mine is Changes. But there are so many good ones.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues …

6 thoughts on “Often copied, never equalled

  1. I was never a David Bowie fan and certainly would never have paid to go to a concert of his – but he was an icon. When I first heard of his death I could not even think of a song that he sang – but I suspect I actually know lots of them as he has been part of the music scene for so long – as you said Changes is one of them.


  2. I wasn’t an early Bowie fan, slightly too young (!), but his ’82/83 comeback when I was 18 marked that period for me very much. Funnily enough I never actually owned that album! Still, his music was always there and I admired him as an iconic artist and aüpreciate his legacy.
    Having just lost Another icon, Lemmy of Motörhead, we were just saying that so many of the Big Ones are in this age group there is bound to be a wave of loss ahead… true classics. I wasn’t a particular fan but it is ‘my’ genre and it’s sad to lose these good ole rock’n’rollers :(( most are such nice guys, too.


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