Working in the new garden


Midday in the garden area. Not much love happening here

Last Friday, I had a spurt of energy, thanks to glorious sunshine, to get the garden into shape. The new apartment has these garden rows in the complex and we were told by the real estate agent that two were free (really? only two? they all look unloved!), so, of course, never one to do things slowly, I’ve dived right in to set up both of them.


Before: They haven’t been used for a while, but maybe more recently than the one to the right!


Before: Was hard slog giving the claggy and stony soil some air

I helped at the old house on Friday afternoon, taking things to the recycling centre, and chanced upon a pitchfork and steel rake going to waste – just what I needed to get the job done!


After: You can tell which one I did first – it dried out quickly. There were some sprouting greens in the first bed so I left them in. Not sure what they’ll be!

After consulting clever gardening friends on Facebook, I bought chicken poo fertilizer on Saturday, digging deeper into the clagginess and giving it a bit more air and love. It was encouraging to see so many healthy sized worms in there.


Dear Mr Lovely Worm. Sorry for cutting you in half.

On Saturday, I finally (!) cleaned the balcony too, so it’s ready to enjoy now. And then went to two birthday parties. Sandra’s 40th and Hertha’s 92nd. An exhausting but satisfying day.


No more green mould


The sunsets have been amazing recently – a huge orange ball


So, so happy to see a hummingbird hawk-moth on the balcony! They know where to find me still. And yay, spring has sprung!

Do you have any suggestions for what to plant and where and why? At the moment, I’m thinking one bed will be mainly veggies and the other lettuces and annual flowers and perennial plants. Herbs will mainly be on the balcony. Does that sound like a good plan?

I’ll go for zucchinis, cherry tomatoes (maybe with some basil close by because I’ve heard they are complementary plants), cucumbers, carrots perhaps, plus lettuces of different styles including rocket, maybe celery … all with a sprinkling of flowers in between (a suggestion from cousin Sal … I love the idea of flowers being “sprinkled” everywhere!).

Hopefully the planting will begin this weekend. So if you have any advice, I’m all ears! 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful day.

One thought on “Working in the new garden

  1. You are an energetic little beaver! Hope that your hard work turns in to results in both beauty and food. Sad garden beds with nothing in them are not nice on the eye so at the least green stuff will be good – not to mention the flowers. I had always heard that marigolds were good companion plants but decided to google it before writing this message – seems the jury is now out and newer varieties don’t have the same insect busting powers of older traditional types. So – not sure on that one. Herbs on the patio are a great idea – going downstairs to get a sprig of parsely seems like too much work. It is 8 weeks today until I leave home to start my next northern hemisphere adventure – looking forward to seeing your new digs (ha ha)


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