Refuse the refuse


Hello again, after quite a long absence …

Today I started a new blog. You can find it at

I haven’t known what to do with fitfor15in15 for a while. The name doesn’t fit anymore! And my interests have shifted from being fit to doing better.

Inspired by the Plastic Free July concept, and many other blogs such as these listed here, I’ve been living more consciously. I haven’t used small and large plastic bags for years, but I’m now looking for alternatives to other plastics too.

I know it will be impossible to refuse all refuse (ref-yooz all reh-fuze!) but I’m beginning to refuse to use a lot of one-use plastics that are just downright wasteful.

And it’s not just plastic that I’m refusing, it’s also brown paper bags and napkins and so on. I take my own things with me everywhere I go, including cutlery. You never know when you might fancy a picnic meal!

Plastic Free July encouraged us to at least minimize or reject four, key, single-use plastics – takeaway coffee cups, straws, plastic bags and water bottles.

I’ve taken it a bit further, and will be sharing more over on soon. It will take a while to populate the site!

But until then, maybe you can join in the fun of creating less waste and 1. refuse the refuse, refuse to use; 2. rethink that next purchase by finding a less wasteful alternative; 3. carry your own water bottle 4. give yourself the pleasure of drinking your coffee at the cafe.

I will probably migrate a lot of content slowly but surely. I’m feeling inspired about this new project, just as I was very inspired when I started fitfor15in15 (but I really should have thought about the name having a use-by date!).

Wishing you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “Refuse the refuse

  1. I’ll be following – although I haven’t acted quite as much yet I’ve followed Bea Johnson for ages and become interested in zero-waste… As my daughter is now really into it I have a buddy so feel even more inspired now you have outed yourself, too!
    There is one Swiss site but it’s a bit limited so look forward to reading any tips…


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