September 20-26: Barcel-ohhhhhhh-na!

Once again, apologies to my (most likely two!) remaining readers who’ve put up with these long absences.

We had a great time in Barcelona, and rather than bombard you with a week’s worth of photos, I thought I’d just add in a few Instagram photos I posted (@angebella72).

Barcelona is made for walking … we racked up the kilometres to the point where we wished we’d booked in a massage at the end of the week to relieve the sore calf muscles. We also did a little bit of shopping … well, ok, I did. Two new dresses, two new jumpers, a pair of pants and a scarf practically leapt (leaped?) into my suitcase. Leaped, I tell you. Of course, excuses were made … love that colour, perfect for winter and of course the best one … perfect for WORK!

We did the red bus tour as well and that was a great way to see so much of the city in one hit. Highly recommend that in most cities, actually. I could definitely live in Barcelona, and with my new love for Sicily, I think our holidays for the next few years might be sorted. Or maybe we could just live there?! The food, the weather, the people, the … vibe?!

Ok, without any more waffle, here are the photos.


Day 1: Hanging around by the water and the Olympic harbour


Day 2: Sagrada Familia, more beach and beers


Day 3: Bus tour took us to Park Güell and Montjuic then we wandered around the food markets and watched a tightrope walker at the beach on the walk home


Day 4: More beach and walking, then a festival with our Camino friend Gemma, followed by fireworks


Day 5: Last day – shopping, Ramblas Poble Nou, lazed on the beach, went to a food festival at Plaza Espanya and re-did a beer moment from 2011

Had to add this one in ... churros (long skinny donuts) dunked in hot chocolate - I could live on them!

Had to add this one in … churros (long skinny donuts) dunked in hot chocolate – I could live on them!


Sunrise at the airport as we waited to board to come home. We left sunshine for fog!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

May 8: A slow walking and exploring kind of day


So Swiss! On the way to the bus stop

A short post today, without a silly song. Although I did talk jibberish with the cow above on my way to the bus to meet Claudia for lunch and then Pastora and Iva for ‘afternoon tea’.

My brain seems to have tuned out from the fitness side of things at the moment, probably because I know we’re going walking soon and that will be a really good workout for five days. So today, I just walked to and from the bus and wandered around an area of Bern that I’ve never been to before.

Claudia, always a great tour guide, took me to the Muesmatt Quartier. It’s very much a university area, being so close to various faculties, and it’s also very charming. In one part, all the streets are named after birds. Below is a good example of its sweet style.


Checking out a new area of Bern with Claudia

Once again, Cafe Pyrennes provided some solid entertainment for Pastora, Iva and I this afternoon. We met a retired local sports journalist and had quite a few friendly arguments with him about all manner of things, but mostly women’s sport, of which he’s not a fan. Harrumph! But despite this jostling, it was a wonderful day.

Wishing you one too.

p.s Hopefully I can post updates from the Swiss Jakobsweg, or Swiss Camino, from tomorrow. We catch the train sometime before sunset to Constance and then should begin walking on Sunday, May 10. Just got to work out how to upload the photos onto my iPad while we’re underway!