September 20-26: Barcel-ohhhhhhh-na!

Once again, apologies to my (most likely two!) remaining readers who’ve put up with these long absences.

We had a great time in Barcelona, and rather than bombard you with a week’s worth of photos, I thought I’d just add in a few Instagram photos I posted (@angebella72).

Barcelona is made for walking … we racked up the kilometres to the point where we wished we’d booked in a massage at the end of the week to relieve the sore calf muscles. We also did a little bit of shopping … well, ok, I did. Two new dresses, two new jumpers, a pair of pants and a scarf practically leapt (leaped?) into my suitcase. Leaped, I tell you. Of course, excuses were made … love that colour, perfect for winter and of course the best one … perfect for WORK!

We did the red bus tour as well and that was a great way to see so much of the city in one hit. Highly recommend that in most cities, actually. I could definitely live in Barcelona, and with my new love for Sicily, I think our holidays for the next few years might be sorted. Or maybe we could just live there?! The food, the weather, the people, the … vibe?!

Ok, without any more waffle, here are the photos.


Day 1: Hanging around by the water and the Olympic harbour


Day 2: Sagrada Familia, more beach and beers


Day 3: Bus tour took us to Park Güell and Montjuic then we wandered around the food markets and watched a tightrope walker at the beach on the walk home


Day 4: More beach and walking, then a festival with our Camino friend Gemma, followed by fireworks


Day 5: Last day – shopping, Ramblas Poble Nou, lazed on the beach, went to a food festival at Plaza Espanya and re-did a beer moment from 2011

Had to add this one in ... churros (long skinny donuts) dunked in hot chocolate - I could live on them!

Had to add this one in … churros (long skinny donuts) dunked in hot chocolate – I could live on them!


Sunrise at the airport as we waited to board to come home. We left sunshine for fog!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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