April 5: Just in time … Easter egg hunt!

The clock has just struck midnight, but I’m still going to say this is the post for April 5 … even though technically it’s now April 6. Who’s counting?!

We had a great day today on our Easter egg hunt – both Leos did an amazing job organising it all. On Friday we painted the eggs, Saturday afternoon the Leos hid the eggs (in the pouring rain) and today we went a’searchin.

Pastora’s Leo’s brother, sister and sister’s boyfriend joined us as well. We started near the Bern/Belp airport and finished at an outdoor picnic area further towards the city. Eichholz is also a camping place in summer, and the starting point for a great summer swim in the Aare. I say starting point, because the river flows so quickly, you’re transported to a new destination in seconds.

So, I’ll keep this short and let the photos tell the story. All up, we walked three hours and had plenty of ‘good for your mental health’ laughs. I’ve never been on an Easter egg hunt of this scale before. Next year, the guys said the girls have to organise everything – first thing we’ll do is paint the eggs a brighter colour!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

(I’m posting this so late because after we came home, we finished a Swedish TV series called ‘GSI Göteborg’ (which is also known as the ‘Johan Falk’ series) and then started on the American version of the Danish series ‘Forbrydelsen’, called ‘The Killing’. Scandinavian thriller and police shows are addictive (even though we’re watching the American version … in German … with English subtitles … I’m babbling and waffling, sorry, I’m tired. Enjoy the pics. Goodnight!)

April 4: 15 minutes of weighted squats and lunges

The quote at the top of this new blog I follow made me smirk. It really is true! And after three months of constant exercise and ignoring my diet, it’s now time to make some changes, because I’ve just been driving in the mud with a clean car, so to speak, while forming this good habit.

So, I’m going to become my own worst nightmare and be a foodie for say, oh, two months. As in, I’ll actually start to care about what goes in. Well, maybe not this weekend as it’s Easter, but I’ll start next week, when we’re on holiday … Yeah right, ok, I’ll start the week after. Honest like. Monday April 13 is the day it all begins.

Today was a very low-key exercise day with just 15 minutes of various squats and lunges with the hand weights, because tomorrow we go on an Easter egg hunt! Yesterday, Pastora and her husband Leo came to our house to paint Easter eggs, and then today both Leos hid them in a secret forest (not near our house).

Making the eggs was a test of patience but lots of fun. We searched the nearby woods for leaves and flowers to make some patterns on the eggs and used the dry outer shells of onions to make the colour – some turned out much better than others, but overall we’ve very happy with our Easter art!

Wishing you a wonderful day. Hope the bunny made it to your door.


Leo holding our bag of goodies – leaves and twigs and flowers and grasses – to decorate the eggs


Lovely moss in the forest


Me trying to blend in to my environment


Leo preparing the stockings at the work table. The stockings kept the plant material on the egg for the cooking and dying process


Cutting the stockings away to reveal the patterned egg


This one turned out well!


After a few hours work, we had 40 eggs