April 21: A lovely surprise


Thank you, Karie!

Don’t you just love surprises?!

Karie, who lives in Singapore, sent me a postcard which arrived today! It’s put an extra spring in my step – so much so that I’ve decided to walk home from the city this afternoon. It takes about three hours, I think, and I’ll stop at an animal shelter directly on the path to see if I can register as a volunteer.

Yesterday, on my fasting day, I had a coconut water, fresh strawberry and raspberry smoothie. It was so delicious, I made another one today with quinoa rice milk, banana, strawberries and raspberries, and some vanilla protein powder. Loving these smoothie breakfasts!

The yellow tulip from the end of yesterday’s post is in full bloom today. I hope it lasts in the wind! Thinking of everyone in coastal New South Wales and Sydney who’ve been battered by that crazy weather, which has killed three people, cut power, brought down trees and eroded the beaches. Mother nature at her worst. Such a shock.

I’ll write more this afternoon when I’m home from the walk.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

March 1: My new favourite walk!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, “Why didn’t I do that earlier?” Today’s walk on a new path very close to our house was a slap-myself-on-the-forehead situation. Three years I’ve been here … three years.

Normally when I go walking in the neighbourhood, I go out onto the main road, turn left up through a patch of trees then turn right into some fields. Rene, our neighbour, took us on a nighttime drive after dinner two Fridays ago and showed us another walking path near the house – instead of turning right, walk a bit further then turn left.

What a revelation! We live near a creek! I had no idea running water was so close. It’s at the bottom of the deep ravine behind our house. I’ve never walked into the forest and down the ravine because it’s too steep, and had no idea this mystery ‘path to the left’ led to this little wonder. It’s totally lifted my spirits, knowing there’s a whole new area to discover and enjoy in summer. I envisage picnic packing, feet cooling, deer spotting, silence appreciating good times ahead.

Enough with the talk – here are the photos! We walked for 80 minutes in total, and I’m so in love with this new path I’m going to be doing it regularly. It’s steep, but walking towards Wohlen means most of it’s downhill. Maybe when I’m fit enough, I can run the opposite direction and have a killer hill just before home?

Hopefully the pictures do it justice and you can see, and feel, my excitement about having this formerly unknown area to us both literally (and I use that term in its correct sense) in our backyard. *smacks forehead in disbelief*

Wishing you a wonderful day.

January 21: Pleasant surprises

Wow, today has been full of surprises. Love surprises!

Please excuse the random thought processes below …

This morning, I acted on a comment from Freda from livesimplysimplylive. I really enjoy checking her site every day; it’s peaceful and inspirational. She mentioned candles, and I’d never thought about using them to add some ambience. The 10 minutes of meditation and five minutes of stretching did feel calmer, so I’ll be lighting a candle during my morning routine every day from now on. Thanks Freda!

After that I did some research to help a friend with his website, then Leo sent me an email with a job advertisement – for an editing job in English. It has really piqued my interest! So I spent the afternoon tweaking my CV and cover letter, and will send them off tomorrow after one last proofread when my mind’s clear. Here’s hoping!

I spoke with my neighbour about the possibility of our visitors, who arrive on Monday, staying in the empty apartment in the main farmhouse for four or five nights. She said yes, so I’ll be cleaning and preparing it on the weekend. Great news!

For some reason, my mind hadn’t switched onto the fact the Australian Open Tennis is in full swing – I love the tennis and can’t believe I haven’t been cheering on my favourite players. It’s been a busy start to the week, but from now on I’ll be watching as much as possible – more than the 20 minutes today. C’mon Roger!

And last but not least, I’ve found another great exercise resource, by complete fluke (and a bit of laziness!). I didn’t have time today to do more than 15 minutes, so typed “15 minute workout” into YouTube on my phone, and found this great resource from Fitness Blender. You do your own warm-up and cool down. It was an intense workout and raised a sweat. I’ll be doing it again, plus the others. Damn burpees!

Wishing you a wonderful day.