January 15: Dance like no one’s watching

Yesterday, my friend Jackie suggested I should add “Dance like no one’s watching” into my fitfor15in15 regime. It was such a brilliant idea, I did it today.

But which songs to choose? There’s so many that make me want to dance like a maniac. Half the fun was making the playlist this morning, and putting them in a cool order (and one that would give me a few seconds to catch my breath when needed!) for my workout this afternoon.

Finally, I settled on 10 songs totalling 40 minutes. Dancing (ESPECIALLY when no one is watching) is a serious business. I haven’t danced this hard since Phil and Ellie’s wedding in London on December 21. (She’s touring in the UK this year – go and watch her be funny!) And now that I think of it, maybe that’s where I injured the ball of my left foot?! Hmmm …

With this, as inspiration, out my window …

Sunset in the forest

Sunset in the forest

… I tried to channel Christopher Walken, then put my head down, arms out and bum up, non-stop for 40 minutes.

Here’s my playlist, with YouTube links. I’m not clever enough to embed a playlist for you, sorry. First up is a warm-up song, then eight great tracks, and my fave as the warm down …

Dance with Somebody – Mando Diao

Can We Go Wrong – Hesta Prynn

The Great Escape – We Are Scientists

Punching In a Dream – The Naked and Famous

Jailbreak – AC/DC

Atomic – Blondie

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys … Mum, if you’re going to watch one video, make it this one. I think you’ll like it!

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

My Delirium – Ladyhawke

Map of the Problematique – Muse

By the time Jailbreak was finished, and what with all my air drumming, I was really sweating and had to fold my shirt up to cool down. Our house is so well heated it felt like a bikram yoga studio. Luckily we live rural and no one walks past our windows, otherwise they would have been treated to the sight of my crème brûlée belly doing it’s own thing as I jumped around.

Leo came home with two songs to go, and promptly went outside to look at something far more attractive …

Sunset on the Alps

Sunset on the Alps

Thanks for a great exercise suggestion, Jac – it’s definitely been one of my most fun workouts and I can’t wait to do it again. By the end, I looked like this …

Dance with nobody: I'm glad I didn't make the playlist any longer!

After dancing with nobody: I’m glad I didn’t make the playlist any longer!

Which songs would you put into your Dance Like No One’s Watching playlist?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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