February 2: Skipping and pilates

The sun came out for a while, so time for 15 minutes of skipping! It’s the first time I’ve skipped in a month. There’s a perfect spot on our terrace which is protected by the roof line. After six minutes, my form started to suffer and with three minutes to go, I was all over the shop. One day I’ll be able to do this! *cough*


Half and half! No excuses not to be able to skip!


The icicle from the gutter run off has melted


The little hill in the distance is the Gurten, one of Bern’s many hiking places (great view to the Alps on a clear day) and home to an annual four-day music festival


It always makes me smile when clumps of snow fall off the little pines

But while exercising, I remembered this was supposed to be today’s workout, from Kristi Cooper … so I did it as well! How incredible is the view behind her? Using the rubber Thera-Band (or a pair of old stockings) for the first time really worked the arms well; having toned arms is a major goal.

All up 30 minutes, which is good. It was time to step it up a bit. The past week or so has been a little lacklustre. Of course I’ve been exercising, but wasn’t really pushing myself. Today it feels like I’m back in the fitfor15in15 spirit.

Then I kinda ruined it all by eating some chocolate 🙂 We’ve often given Swiss Läderach chocolate as presents, but for the first time it was given to us! Thanks Nicole and Cooper. Leo might have to sniff the empty packet! Must. Stop. Eating. Now.


Mmmm … deliciousness …

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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