The first woodpecker for 2015

At the beginning of my morning routine (10 minutes of meditation and five minutes of stretching), I lost concentration on my breath for a few minutes because of a wonderful sound.

The woodpecker is back! He or she lives somewhere in the forest behind the house. Spotting him/her has always been impossible, so I have no idea which species it is. According to Wikipedia, there are quite a few different varieties of woodpeckers in Switzerland.

I’d like to think it’s this one, because it’s so pretty!


Photo credit: “RO B Carol Park green woodpecker crop” by Andrei Stroederivative work: Amada44. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

The sporadic sound, like gunfire, is surprisingly quite soothing. That’s a nice way to start Friday the 13th, don’t you think? Maybe later I could sit somewhere in the forest with binoculars and … no, no …

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