March 15: An easy workout and the end of the Bluths

Following yesterday’s long walk, I thought I’d focus on core and arm exercises tonight. The trusty chickpea tins were put to good use again, in a variety of strength exercises and punches. I did 15 exercises for a minute each, including normal and side to side crunches, push ups and plank. A minute of plank! It’s a miracle!

My sister very kindly sent me money for my birthday to buy hand weights. She said she didn’t mind if the money was spent on something else, so I’m in two minds – buy weights or put the money towards our next holiday. She was very generous! Buying them means more stuff in the house; I’ll check out what’s on offer and let you know if I upgrade. But never fear! The chickpeas will live to tell another story either way – as my trusty assistants or a hummus dip.

Today, we finished the Arrested Development television series, starring Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett and Michael Cera. Some of the episodes were comedic gold, some were a bit rubbish, but, overall, watching 68 episodes of the Bluth family’s escapades was a worthy time investment. The way the stories all tied together was incredibly clever, and Gob’s chicken dance will stay with me for a while. I can definitely vouch for it adding to my mental fitness in 2015.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “March 15: An easy workout and the end of the Bluths

      • I am keen to get fit this year – put on a few kgs being lazy and drinking too much over the summer. I am really enjoying my Wed night boxing with a few girls and a local guy, and it is really improving my overall fitness and strength. And it’s great fun!! I have 3 main fitness goals for the year.
        1. 2 min plank
        2. we do boxing on a “speedball”. You would have seen it in boxing movies etc. Last night was my best to date at 225, and I am hoping for 300 by the end of the year. If I get there I will send you a video.
        3. Jog 5km no stopping
        What are yours?
        Hope you’re well and happy.
        Bec xxxxx

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      • Brilliant stuff Bec, great to hear you’re working out and have clear and achievable goals. Amazing effort with the boxing, my lordy your arms must hurt after that! You’re almost there with plank too. What an inspiring example you are of how having four kids, studying and finding time to exercise can work!
        I really like your goals and thanks for making me think about mine, because I hadn’t focused on a goal other than “feeling fitter”.
        I’d like to be able to:
        1. Do 2 mins plank with you
        2. Leave my elbows on the floor while lying on my legs or stretching out between my legs
        3. Do the splits comfortably again
        4. Fit in the strapless dress I bought after the Camino
        5. Have toned/slimmer arms
        6. Be able to jog 8km (I’m at 4 now, so I think double by the end of the year could be possible? I’m not a runner though, so that could be unrealistic!).
        Now I can see there are some that will need more attention than I’m currently giving them! xx


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