March 22: Standing at a different kind of barre

Ballet was never on my radar when I was young. Gymnastics, skipping ropes and scraped knees were more my scene. Hence, I have no grace at all and still race any kid to a trampoline. So if I told my friends I was interested in barre work, they would instantly assume I was looking for a job in a jovial drinking establishment.

Since Freda from livesimplysimplylive mentioned she had happily rediscovered her ballet DVDs, ballet has been at the back of my mind. Why not have a go?! fitfor15in15 is all about trying new things. Sadly, this link to the Ballet Body Sculpture website has been floating around in my fitfor15in15 plans for quite a while – neglected. From memory, the website seemed quite good and worthy of further exploration.

Today I felt the need for something different (I bore easily and decided against another yoga class, as much as I enjoy them), so when this article popped up after googling “exercise at home”, it was finally time to try Ballet Barre exercises. Bring on the inner diva!

The two short Barre3 classes I managed to take felt good. The third one I’ll have to try another time as our internet connection kept dropping out and I lost my patience with the stop/start video. You’ll need hand weights, a ball (if you have one) to go between your thighs, and a chair to lean on. Even without the ball, I could feel the inner and outer thighs working, so if you concentrate on squeezing your legs together, I don’t think you’ll miss out on too much.

The three classes, which link together with an annoying American vitamin advertisement (sorry), are 10 Minute Long Lean Arms, 10 Minute Leg Shaper and 10 Minute Defined Seat and Core (this is the one I didn’t get to do). The first two actually only run eight minutes, just so you know.

Having ballet dancers’ long arms and legs will never be a goal – genes play a massive part in that! – but to stand straighter and hold myself with a bit more poise could be. Much to friends’ and family’s amusement, I already stand at 10 and 2 naturally, so could this be easier than expected?!

There’s an elegance and composure to ballet which I find intriguing. Maybe some of it will rub off on my tomboy ways? I know it won’t make me a lady – my turn of phrase would never allow that! – but here’s to better posture and balance while standing at the bar … I mean barre … ohhhhh, I don’t knowwwww.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “March 22: Standing at a different kind of barre

  1. Oh, you’ve got me fired up with this one! I would LOVE ro go to the Ballet Body Sculpture classes, the whole idea just thrills me….I am investigating possibilities…..thank you Angela.

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    • My pleasure, Freda (the idea of firing someone up makes me very happy!), and fingers crossed your search is successful. Thank you for the idea to look at ballet in the first place. I’m looking forward to doing more!


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