May 22: Late post after a great night

Oops, I didn’t write yesterday because we went to visit friends Leonie and Bjorn, and their two kids Maya and Sebastian, and got home at midnight, way too tired to write.

I spent a few hours with Pastora in the late afternoon then caught the 5pm commuter-crazy-hour train from Bern to BrĂ¼gg, near Biel. (Wow I do not miss that kind of commuting. In Sydney, in the last place I lived, it was a 20 minute walk or short bike ride to work!)

Leo picked me up from the station at 5.30pm and we drove to Leonie and Bjorn’s traditional Swiss house, which they’ve been renovating over the past few years. Six hours later we left – those hours just flew! I feel bad as they would have had to be up early this morning with the kids. Oops!


Maya and Bjorn preparing the garden room for dinner


Leonie and Maya

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of Sebastian. At first he was shy, but after our discussion about whales and sharks, he was very entertaining. It was the first time Leo had met the family and the first time I’d met Bjorn and the kids.

Leonie is a friend of a friend in Melbourne, and she’s been living in Switzerland for nearly five years. We’ve enjoyed our weekly Tuesday lunchtime catch ups for about two months now. Thank you for a great night guys and we look forward to you coming over in summer!

Will write more, for today’s post, tonight.

Wishing you a wonderful day.