July 20: A truly grand design

Photo credit: houzz.com. The London Water Tour converted on Grand Designs' 100th episode

Photo credit: houzz.com.
The London Water Tour converted on Grand Designs’ 100th episode

Tonight, I had the pleasure of watching the 100th episode of a television series I’ve enjoyed over many years, Grand Designs.

The host, Kevin McCloud, has a lovely manner and a way with words. Sometimes he doesn’t mince them either, as he scrutinizes potential ideas and plans for lavish homes/properties. Here’s a funny Guardian article about why people love Kevin (but do we really know him?) and an overview of the 100th episode.

The Kennington water tower conversion, completed in eight months in 2012, was an incredible undertaking. About a year after this London property was finished, it went up for sale. (That link has quite a few photos or you can google ‘grand designs 100th episode’ and click on images.) Here is the blurb about the build from the architects. And here’s another extensive photo gallery from a magazine spread.

Would you like to live in a vertical tower with incredible views? I think it would be fine for a year, with that amazing outlook making up for any inconveniences.

The owners did say living there was sometimes a hassle – especially forgetting something below when you’re up top and having eight double flights of stairs to deal with. But wow, what a view! You’d be fitfor15in15 fit in no time.

I wonder how much it eventually sold for?

Wishing you a wonderful day.