Holiday on the rocks #2


All kinds of cacti could be seen on Fuerteventura. These ball-shaped ones are always impressive, especially in clumps

Following on from yesterday’s reminiscing about the ingenious ways to use all those volcanic rocks lying around on Fuerteventura beaches, here is part two.

The second thing I had never seen before was on a day trip to Lanzarote. We caught the ferry for about 50 minutes from Corallejo to the port of Playa Blanca. Then we shuffled onto a bus for a five-hour tour of the island, stopping at an Aloe Vera factory, a winery and the Timanfaya National Park.

When I found out a winery was included on the tour, I admit I rolled my eyes. Seen one vineyard, seen them all. Rows and rows of vines, try some wine, on you go.


Seen one winery …


… seen them all?

But this winery is one I will never forget, because these are the vineyards …

DSC01914 DSC01917 DSC01918 DSC01920 DSC01921 DSC01923 IMG_3981 IMG_3982 IMG_3983 IMG_3984

Each plant has its own hole, protected by a volcanic rock wall to stop wind damage. Have you ever seen anything like it? And for the record, the sweet white was too sweet but the dry white was quite nice (not that I know anything about wine).

So, the scenery was memorable for many reasons – the ground was so dark and the mountains looked amazing, with various red flecks from different minerals – but this Canary Island version of a vineyard takes the cake! Totally eye-popping moment and well worth the visit.

To find out more about the La Geria vineyard, and to see the plants in a better state than we saw them, go to this website.

Here are some other snaps, taken from the bus, of Lanzarote. Around the port, it had a much cleaner, almost clinical, feel to it than Fuerteventura. Like the rich and famous, rather than the surfer crowd, would be comfortable there. But these are countryside pics.


Yaiza has been voted the loveliest village in Spain – twice!


Like being on Mars or something, but still incredibly beautiful and interesting


Camel, anyone?


Our tour guide making sure we were all prepared to hold a handful of small stones from one of the ‘hot points’ at Timanfaya National Park. They were damn hot! I had to drop mine quickly.


Dry twigs caught on fire very quickly when put down this hole


Water poured into this funnel burst back up within three seconds


The restaurant in the park cooks meat on a naturally heated grill!


We learned about the different types of lava flow as well. You’re not allowed to walk anywhere off the track because it’s so unstable and fine in places

So there you go! It’s nice to be surprised, isn’t it?!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Holiday on the rocks #2

  1. Loved the pictures and descriptions. It really reminded me of the Greek Isles a lot but those stone walls are really ingenious. Don’t think I would like living in a place where it was so windy. Hope you have settled back in to work – must admit I am still suffering from post holiday and Christmas lethargy!


    • I think, long-term, the wind would drive me crazy too. We spoke with a shopkeeper who said in the summer months the wind goes away and they practically beg for it to return! Yes, all back into the swing of work and planning for the move. I’m excited (and being ruthless. That bag of 10 pairs of shoes I “put aside” while Marie Kondo’ing the house – gone!) 🙂


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