Warm and cool glow

Being a relative newbie in Switzerland (I think the locals consider you to be a newbie even after 20 years, let alone four), I still get a kick out of snow. It’s finally started to hang around, and combined with the welcome sunshine these past few days, it produces some lovely light.

Yesterday morning I took photos about 8.45am, with a warm glow bathing the Stöckli, and today I ventured out at 11.15am when it was clear and bright. I like both lights; they have a certain (but very different) mood that is pleasing. Warm and cool.

The countdown to the house move has well and truly begun … I’m still making the most of every minute.

Do you prefer warm and cosy or cool and crisp?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

6 thoughts on “Warm and cool glow

  1. I just love your little Christmas creatures – sooooh cute. I think they should stay up til the move. Sorry I have never seen snow yet like in your pictures – went to the snowfields from Melbourne last year for the day but it is not the same as the cutsie ‘real life’ pictures. I can’t pick my favourite look – do just love the cool look – it invites you outside – but then once you have been out and got chilled turning towards the warm glow of the house would be lovely. Continue to enjoy your beautiful cottage and landscape while you can


    • I think you’re right Jude, those little faces belong in that window til the end! Maybe you can come to see snow next year? (The Aussie $ isn’t so crash hot at the moment, but maybe it will have picked up by then?) We can bribe the girls and boys to come spend Christmas here too! xx


    • Tee hee. That’s not greedy. That’s clever! There’ll be a moving update soon. Starts in earnest on Monday. Luckily we have over a month to move things across, so we’ll take it nice and easy, a few boxes at a time. Impatient me will want it all done yesterday, of course!


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