Walking a new path with surprises

Yesterday, we ventured from our new home to a part of Wohlen we’ve never seen before. Well, we’ve seen it from a distance, but never walked through it.

The weather was crazy-amazing sunny and the path threw up plenty of surprises!

The shepherd and his flock have been sporadic visitors – one year they were in the field right next to our house. The sheep knew to scratch at the snow to find the grass underneath, so all I could hear was constant neck bells clanging, munching and scratching. Very cool.

Last year, there was a tiny flock nearby, but it wasn’t the same shepherd. Here’s that post from February last year – look at the difference in the weather!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Oh and I forgot this photo! Home to the narcissus and more sheep yeah, but also a well-deserved beer in the sun! Tee hee!


Warm and cool glow

Being a relative newbie in Switzerland (I think the locals consider you to be a newbie even after 20 years, let alone four), I still get a kick out of snow. It’s finally started to hang around, and combined with the welcome sunshine these past few days, it produces some lovely light.

Yesterday morning I took photos about 8.45am, with a warm glow bathing the Stöckli, and today I ventured out at 11.15am when it was clear and bright. I like both lights; they have a certain (but very different) mood that is pleasing. Warm and cool.

The countdown to the house move has well and truly begun … I’m still making the most of every minute.

Do you prefer warm and cosy or cool and crisp?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

December 8-10: We have a new place to live!


One from the vault – where we currently live, with our little house on the left

As sad as we will be to move away from our beloved little Stöckli, from February 1 next year we’ll be right in the “thick of the action” in the village of Wohlen.

We’ve found a very large apartment in the town centre, which means no more forest on the doorstep, but also no more walking with a safety vest at night in the dark on the way home from work.

Our new place is large – 5.5 rooms, compared to the 2.5 rooms we currently live in – and while it has a definite 80s feel it has SPACE. It lacks the Stöckli ginger-bread house charm, but it does have convenience – a two minute walk to the bus, two minutes to the shop and three minutes to our favourite place to eat, Restaurant Kreuz. And there’s a pot-belly stove in the loungeroom! And we can still see the Alps from the bedroom window! And Leo now has a painting room. And and and …

Our good friends and neighbours Liliane and Rene will live just a 15 minute walk away, so we’ll still see each other often, which makes us very happy.

Half of me can’t wait to move in and make it ours, and the other half wants to hang on here as long as possible. The time will come soon enough when I’ll be firmly in the “move now” camp. Since finding out yesterday that the place will be ours, it’s almost all I can think about. We’ll have enough space to allocate one room as a chillout zone, for want of a better phrase. We’ll hang the hammock, have a nice rug maybe, the stereo with tunes and enough space to leave the yoga mat always on the floor. 2016 could be the year of reading and yoga. Oh wait, that’s what 2015 was supposed to be! 🙂

My minimalistic tendencies will be put to the test with all that space, but I think it’s still going to be a wonderful place to live and thrive. Just like it has been here for the past four years. I’ve been in Switzerland for four years. Can’t believe it. My arrival anniversary was December 5, and I totally forgot to celebrate!

Wishing you a wonderful day.