The last sunrises …

Our old home put on a magical show for us before we left. It felt like every sunrise was a winner. It felt like every day was clear and bright. I’m sure it was nature’s way of saying remember this view! remember this place! in the best way possible.


Taking in the whole view from the left …


… into the middle … (I’ll miss the white house making this scene “pop”)


… and to the right … crisp and clean

We certainly had a grand view of the Swiss Alps.


Gold! The view from the bedroom window (with the eave of the roof on the left)


Foggy but inviting



Ahhhh, those lovely last few days …


Sunrise with stars still shining


Winner, winner!


On the walk down the hill to collect the keys for the new apartment

We’ve moved into the village of Wohlen bei Bern from the outskirts. Leo went to work before our appointment to collect the new house keys, then straight to the apartment, but I stayed home and walked the walk for old time’s sake. It felt fitting to say goodbye to that walk in that way. As much as I loved it (most of the time!), I’m glad, overall, that we’re down in the thick of the “action” now. And the church bells aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, clanging every 15 minutes, all through the night!

Here is the view from our new bedroom window …


We can live with this!

Yahoo! We still can see the Alps! I think seeing those mountains is more important to me than the size of the apartment or having a garden or how nice the floors are or whatever! It’s my way of waking up happy.


The view from the bed looking south east


Closer …

Closer ...

Closer …


With the windows open

I’m making the most of that view during winter, because I think come summertime we will only glimpse the mountains when all the leaves on those trees are back.

Photos of the apartment will be in the next post, promise.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “The last sunrises …

  1. You live in a lovely part of a lovely country!! It’s fun to see how “your” mountains are different to “ours” 😉
    And I’m so glad you still have a view from your more central location! Looks fantastic. I don’t have a view from the house as we are surrounded by green, but I don’t have to go far for one.
    All the best for your next phase and removal!!

    Very soon I bet you won’t hear the church bells at all – my first apartment was a lovely attic flat in a half-timbered house from 1733… the only problem was it was on the other side of the road from the church, barely metres away from the bell. Within a few days, I didn’t hear it at all and had to go and look at the clockface if I wanted to know the time because I’d missed the bells! Visitors noticed, of course, and were amazed that I simply didn’t hear them any more, not even at 6 am.
    These days, there are THREE churches I can hear from my house (Frauenfeld is a small town of about 25000 inhabitants). Occasionally I notice one of the quarterly bells and if the windows are open and I’m not deeply asleep I might hear the 6 am bells but very rarely and in a way, it’s nice to know the tradition and the people are there, still. I object to those who want church and/or cowbells abolished as they have been there for so long.

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    • Ooh what a rich tapestry you describe! I can imagine the different locations and all those bells. I was worried at first I would go slightly mad with all the regular chiming, but wow, it really isn’t that noticeable! Admittedly, we’re not just metres away though. Friends who live over the road from the church said they never hear them anymore, so that gave me comfort knowing it would all become normal soon enough. I, too, like the tradition and would hate for all bells to be banned. It’s these little traditions that make living here so excitingly different. I look forward to wandering through Frauenfeld at some stage in the future, swissrose, and seeing your mountains too xx


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