The new apartment photo tour

The grand reveal. Are you reading, Mum?!

While we’ve been getting used to things like hearing people walking up the stairs or coughing in neighbouring apartments, I have been love love loving the brief walk to the bus and home again! The trip to work is a grand total of 20 minutes, instead of 40 minutes. Who doesn’t love a 50% reduction in travel time?!

Even without all the luxuries, like the grass, forest and pool, from our previous “castle”, we feel very at home here. Amazingly, despite upsizing from 2.5 rooms to 5.5 rooms, we didn’t have to buy too much stuff either. We bought a higher bed to see out the bedroom window (in the Stöckli we had a low bed because of the slanted roof), a cupboard, a clothes rack and two standing lamps. Everything else (except for the hammock!) was from inside the Stöckli too. It was a veritable Tardis!

So without further ado, here’s our new apartment. Sorry about the lack-lustre photography. I’m home with tonsillitis and couldn’t be arsed making art. And speaking of art, all the art work is by Leo. Clever chap!

So there you have it! Everything, apart from the balcony, is pretty much finished. Not bad for two schmucks doing it all on their own over three weeks. I think that’s contributed to my tonsillitis though. We’ve worked hard, carrying everything up two sets of spiral stairs to the front door and another set to the gallery level. No fights were had either, I promise!*

I’m really looking forward to working on the balcony and getting it established in spring. We’ll have an outdoor table and chairs and hopefully that vertical garden wall!

We look forward to welcoming guests. Will you be coming over?

Wishing you a wonderful day.

* I lie.

7 thoughts on “The new apartment photo tour

  1. I adore home tours ;o!! And I love this one, you’ve done so well getting sorted so fast… and I like the Swiss touches everywhere 😉
    It does remind me of the Swiss flat we had when I was a teenager in the early 80s with the gallery, you’re right. My mom had a huge collection of plants on the edge of the gallery :).
    Gosh, I didn’t realise Leo is such a prolific artist – great colours!
    All the best for your new home – it certainly looks as if you’ll be enjoying it. And get well soon – NeoCitran is such a comfort 😮


    • Ahahahaha yes, this is the most generic could-be-anywhere-in-the-world apartment for sure. Not a patch on the Swissness of the Stöckli. But I am enjoying not having to duck when going through doorways, staying within my own building to do washing and, yippee, using real stairs instead of a ladder. I’ve been joking that Leo is now sighing with relief that he doesn’t have to see me do my best Bridget Jones impersonation, walking down it backwards!!

      Space for Leo’s paintings was limited before and now we have many opportunities! So cool to know your mum filled the gallery with plants too. I hope to have some strand lights and “blooming magic” (potted flowers) there before too long. Slowly, slowly, although yes, we have set things up very quickly – the beauty of being able to move a few boxes at a time over three weeks, as opposed to the removalists dumping everything in your lounge room on one day!

      I look forward to reading more of your news and seeing any new knitting again soon. Or are you all knitted out?!


  2. Looks all very wonderful and sounds like the joys of more space and being close to transport are weighing out the loss of the farm setting/alps. Continue enjoy nesting


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