Marney’s visit

IMG_5166A good friend Marney, who I worked with in Darwin when we were young and silly, now lives in Sweden, so after a recent work trip to Zürich she stayed on to visit us for a weekend 22-24 April. Nothing has changed – we’re just older and still silly.

We had a quiet night in on Friday, visited Murten then went to dinner at Restaurant Kreuz on Saturday and then had a lazy morning Sunday before she jumped on the train back to Zürich for her flight home. Thanks for visiting Marney, it’s always great fun. Relaxing times. The weather wasn’t the best, lots of rain (and it hailed just after she left!) so we can’t wait to see you again in summer, hopefully!

The forest on the way to Murten was luminescent green, with all the new growth.

Love the boxes with the chess pieces inside, waiting patiently to be used in better weather.

I’ll post another blog about the house at the bottom of these pictures, with the magnificent magnolia tree out the front. It has a special secret!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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