Walking in Wohlen

DSC00270We had a public holiday on May 5 and the sun was out, so Leo and I took a short wander in Wohlen before joining The Usual Suspects at Liliane and Rene’s apartment for an early dinner.

Magnificent day, one of the few sunny days we’ve had in May (why so much rain?! My garden! Ugh!) and it was nice to put the walking shoes on again. Our wanderwegs have been missed!

We went down to the Wohlensee (Lake of Wohlen, which is actually just a wide part of the Aare River), across the Wohleibrücke (Bridge of Wohlei) to the very small village of Wohlei, and then home again via the scenic route.

I didn’t take my phone and ended up hogging Leo’s lovely SLR, hence these pics are much crisper than my normal efforts. The sunshine helped too.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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