July 9: Girly afternoon

Sonja, who I met in Paris in 2011, came to visit today. She’s a German orthopedic surgeon who’s been living in Switzerland for 10 years. We haven’t seen each other for about 18 months, if not more, and her company was wonderful medicine!

We drank Aperol Spritzeseses and gas bagged and swam. I didn’t go to work today as we had made these plans a while ago. It really was a great afternoon just hanging out at home.

The doctor was just what the doctor ordered. Brilliant for my mental fitness.

Speaking of doctors, René came home from hospital last night which is good news. I have a feeling he’s not a great patient – very grumpy when he’s told what he can and cannot do!

Can you relate to that too? I know I can!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

May 10: Swiss Camino Day 1

We caught the train at 9am from Bern to Weinfelden, then changed trains to the smaller local train to arrive in Constance, Germany, at 11.35am.

I was here in July last year with Pastora and her husband Leo, his friend Sven and her friend Rosa. My Leo was at his school reunion. I was looking forward to coming back and sharing the beautiful scenery with Leo.

Leo thought he’d never been here before, but when he saw a building he exclaimed, “My sister had her wedding reception there!” So it turns out he’s been to Constance before too. 😉

It’s on the Bodensee, or Lake of Boden, on the border of Germany and Switzerland and there’s plenty to see and do here for all ages. We had a great afternoon wandering around the cobbled laneways and slowly taking in the sights. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Looking forward to setting off tomorrow morning after a hearty breakfast for the first stage of walking.

Wishing you a wonderful day.