July 9: Girly afternoon

Sonja, who I met in Paris in 2011, came to visit today. She’s a German orthopedic surgeon who’s been living in Switzerland for 10 years. We haven’t seen each other for about 18 months, if not more, and her company was wonderful medicine!

We drank Aperol Spritzeseses and gas bagged and swam. I didn’t go to work today as we had made these plans a while ago. It really was a great afternoon just hanging out at home.

The doctor was just what the doctor ordered. Brilliant for my mental fitness.

Speaking of doctors, René came home from hospital last night which is good news. I have a feeling he’s not a great patient – very grumpy when he’s told what he can and cannot do!

Can you relate to that too? I know I can!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

4 thoughts on “July 9: Girly afternoon

  1. Nothing like a lazy afternoon with someone/s you like. Always good for the soul. Please give Rene (and Lilliane) my best for a speedy recovery – looking forward to seeing them when we are there. Totally agree on the ‘being told what to do front’ – was never much fun as a kid and is even more annoying as an adult. I have one friend (who I won’t name) who constantly tells other people what they should be doing and even when you say you are going to do or not do something, is quite happy to tell you that you are wrong. Far from an endearing quality – extraordinary arrogance really but she would not see it that way. Anyway – I won’t tell you to do anything except have a good day.

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    • It seems everyone has someone like that in their lives! Rene seems to forget there are many ways ‘to skin a cat’ so to speak. His way is alwaaaaaays the best. I usually just nod and, when he’s not looking, go back to whatever felt comfortable beforehand if I find his way convoluted or harder! One of the other people who live here is also quick to add her 20 cents worth even if you haven’t asked for it. I lost it one day and told her to stop. Since then she’s been a bit more bearable!


  2. Sounds lovely!!!
    Poor Rene. He’s still young and to have so many health issues it would be exasperating. No fun for Lilliane either having her husband less than healthy. I may know a little about that. 😉 Give them my love to add to Judy’s. ❤️❤️
    You and Leo would be such great support for them. They would be very grateful to have you.

    I was at a 70th arvo tea on Tuesday and met a lovely lovely woman artist called Heidi from Zurich. She told me about going to Sydney (she lives in Melb) to see Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic. Heidi stayed in Balmain and caught the bus to the gallery every day she was there. She said that Abramovic has turned the audience into participants and they become the art without realising. She talked about someone taking a person to a bed and tucking them in like a child.


    • Ahhh Marina … if only my plane hadn’t been delayed for hours in Glasgow! She’s definitely on my list of things to do still! Well, one of her shows … er … to see … er … you know what I mean …
      Rene has been his usual cantankerous self but that’s what we love him for! It is much nicer having him at home. I was skimming the top of the pool on Saturday while he was replacing the outdoor shower hose – needless to say I got drenched. To show my appreciation for his cooling off techniques, I quickly bombed the pool (they call it an “Arschbombe” here) to cool him down as well. Liliane wasn’t impressed to be in the firing line too!
      Liliane’s 92-year-old mum Hertha will be here in a few weeks. She called me on Friday ‘just for a chat.’ Bless! Big hugs for you and that special husband of yours xx


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