May 10: Swiss Camino Day 1

We caught the train at 9am from Bern to Weinfelden, then changed trains to the smaller local train to arrive in Constance, Germany, at 11.35am.

I was here in July last year with Pastora and her husband Leo, his friend Sven and her friend Rosa. My Leo was at his school reunion. I was looking forward to coming back and sharing the beautiful scenery with Leo.

Leo thought he’d never been here before, but when he saw a building he exclaimed, “My sister had her wedding reception there!” So it turns out he’s been to Constance before too. 😉

It’s on the Bodensee, or Lake of Boden, on the border of Germany and Switzerland and there’s plenty to see and do here for all ages. We had a great afternoon wandering around the cobbled laneways and slowly taking in the sights. I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Looking forward to setting off tomorrow morning after a hearty breakfast for the first stage of walking.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


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