Walking a new path with surprises

Yesterday, we ventured from our new home to a part of Wohlen we’ve never seen before. Well, we’ve seen it from a distance, but never walked through it.

The weather was crazy-amazing sunny and the path threw up plenty of surprises!

The shepherd and his flock have been sporadic visitors – one year they were in the field right next to our house. The sheep knew to scratch at the snow to find the grass underneath, so all I could hear was constant neck bells clanging, munching and scratching. Very cool.

Last year, there was a tiny flock nearby, but it wasn’t the same shepherd. Here’s that post from February last year – look at the difference in the weather!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Oh and I forgot this photo! Home to the narcissus and more sheep yeah, but also a well-deserved beer in the sun! Tee hee!


4 thoughts on “Walking a new path with surprises

      • Tell Leo that is not kind! First he wants to banish me because I snore – which I don’t – well maybe sometimes – and now he calls me a witch. And I always thought he was a nice man now I know just a deep dark Sicilian rogue in wolves clothing. Have a great day. I am currently in down town Rome (I wish) actually downtown Roma (not quite the same). It is however green which is lovely. Take care


      • Do they have any ruins in downtown Roma?! Enjoy the visit, it must be nice to get away and see it green. Leo is a very cheeky monkey, for sure. He says he’s now going to get me back for writing that.



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