January 6: Walking to the Wohlensee

A 30 min walk to the Wohlensee for a picnic lunch, followed by a one hour walk home

A 30 minute walk to the Wohlensee for a picnic lunch, followed by a one hour walk home

It’s amazing how sunshine can lift my mood and affect my plans. Best intentions went out the window today!

I thought I would walk to Koniz (about 3 hours) to check out a second-hand bicycle store, because I’d like to buy a bike. After seeing how much of the walk would be in shade (where’s it about -2 degrees), I decided to make the most of the sunshine and stop after 30 minutes at the Wohlensee for a lunch break on the pontoon.

With my gloves under my bum for added warmth (TRUST me, not enough coverage), I munched on my cheese, tomato and salami sandwiches, some grapes and a triangle of Toblerone (hey, I’m in Switzerland – it’s not a lunch without cheese and/or chocolate!) and a handful of my last Chicos (an Australian lolly) while listening to the ducks and reading my book.

I love ducks. I think of ducks on a daily basis – how they waddle, how they’re always in pairs, how they’re so inquisitive but also nervous. There was an almost perfect line of them sleeping on the bank. One duck on the lake cracked me up with it’s hacking quack, which reminded me of how loud I laughed at my niece’s wedding when the best man started his speech with, “Melissa chose well for her first husband.” I don’t understand why no one else found that as funny as I did. šŸ™‚

How's the serenity ...

How’s the serenity …

But I digress. After 30 minutes on the pontoon, I realised sitting on top of water for much longer probably wasn’t a great idea, even if it wasn’t frozen, so I resumed walking … on the sunny side of the lake for home. I couldn’t waste that sunshine and freeze in the shade! The bike will have to wait for another day.

The homeward track went through a small village, up a hill into the forest, and took an hour. I know that path well, and was pleased the firing range was quiet (the random shots put me on edge – not for fear of being hit, just for the noise!). It was good to come home and play around on the blog … and drink a warm tea and put my feet on the heater.

Because our house is in such a quiet and beautiful setting, I forget the lake is just a short walk away and tend to stay home when I want to relax. With my new mantra of fitfor15in15, I’m looking forward to making more visits there to read and watch the birdlife. It’s worth the effort.

Do you have a place you often forget is wonderful?

2 thoughts on “January 6: Walking to the Wohlensee

  1. Echo Point was always my favourite for a while considering it was my front yard. I loved to take my coffee or tea down to the 3 Sisters and stare out over the valley, especially when it was spring so it was still cool but with a few rays of sunshine.

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    • That is a great spot Craig. Your backyard was pretty awesome too – it was like you’d find teddy bears having a picnic back there! I can only imagine how cool it was to be able to take your tea to the point and chill out.


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