Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Reese Witherspoon will play Cheryl Strayed in the upcoming movie for Wild

Reese Witherspoon will play Cheryl Strayed in the upcoming movie for Wild

If you don’t know me so well, you may not know I’m an avid walker. I’ve done a lot of day walks in Switzerland plus I’ve walked Der Weg der Schweiz (2014), Hadrians Wall in England (2014), from Bingen to Koblenz on the Rhine in Germany (2013), the middle section of the Swiss Camino (2012) and it all started back in 2011 when I walked 900km on The Camino Frances in Spain. I met my partner on that walk too!

So when I heard a new movie was being made about a woman who went on a three-month walk in America, it was time to find the non-fiction book.

It’s my first book for 2015, and it made me want to sling on my backpack and go walking again.

Cheryl does it pretty hard though – she’s packed the kitchen sink, has massive problems with her feet (oh I can relate!) and sleeps in a tent most nights (whereas I had the luxury of sleeping in a bed every night – not always a great one, but at least a bed). She meets some fun people, soaks up the views, and generally has a great time despite her minimal budget and some hairy situations.

Highly recommended for an easy, inspirational read.

It will be interesting to see Reese Witherspoon play Cheryl in the upcoming movie.

4 thoughts on “Wild by Cheryl Strayed

  1. I noticed Her Fearful Symmetry you’re reading – how is it? I just took about 20 books to the Salvos – broke my heart to get rid of them but had run out of room storing them & realised I was avoiding purchasing new reads because I had nowhere to put them. 2015 is my year of books – I’ve now got 7 new books to start with *yay*

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    • I’m about one third of the way into Her Fearful Symmetry and enjoying it so far. Have you read it? For fear of you having not read it, all I will say is so far both the shy Valentina and Robert characters are giving me the irrits a bit. I know that’s only because I’m not like them. And Martin is just a very sweet but ill man. So it’s a lesson in patience for me!

      Are you willing to share your seven books? My goal is to read at least one a week. Shall we do this together? 🙂


      • 1 a week!? Hahaha I can’t sit for that long!!
        I’ve been reading A Feast for Crows (the 5th or 6th installment in Game of Thrones for about 6months, could be longer 🙂 but I’m finally making a dent in it at page 628 of 778), looking forward to finishing it to start Gone Girl (Chrissy present)!

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      • I have Gone Girl to read as well! But I’ll read it after you’ve read it so we can discuss after. Do you think I’d like the Game of Thrones series? Never really thought about reading them. I’m SOOOO behind the times! :0 I finished Her Fearful Symmetry … hmmm …


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