January 18: Walking to Möriswil

Yesterday’s weather induced cabin fever, so when the sun came out today it was time to make the most of it. Plus I’d promised to make things a bit more interesting, too, and that means getting out of the house!

The walk took us on a snow-covered Wanderweg path to the little village of Möriswil, around the forest and through some empty crop fields, back past my favourite house and garden (apart from ours, of course), then home.

I hope you enjoy the gallery of photos from our 90 minute wander.

2 thoughts on “January 18: Walking to Möriswil

    • Some days are too cold to walk here, and some days are too hot to walk where you are, hey Yvonne! Ying and yang. But you have wonderful bushland too (might just need to carry more water than we do!).


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