4 thoughts on “This is getting serious now

  1. Great photos Ange. Love the cheeky kitty in the snow and the little pony! I have a wool coat. Need pants and closed toe shoes. May get a puffy when I’m there. Xx

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    • Can’t believe you’ll be here in a week Nic! Yes closed toed shoes are a must. Something you won’t mind getting wet in the slushy snow. Ahh but who knows what it will be like in a week – the snow may all be gone again! And a puffy is a brilliant investment. I’ll keep my eyes open for any sales xx


  2. I am so glad to have found you! I am a lazybones (physically). I hate exercise. I want to hibernate in winter. My adventures all take place in my head and on the easel! But even I ca. n do 15 minutes a day. Thanks for the inspiration Angela..

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    • Oh gosh, hello Freda! I feel like I’ve been visited by blogging royalty! Yes, 15 minutes a day does seem like a doable thing – much better than feeling pressure to be incredible right from the start. I doubt I’ll ever run a marathon, but hopefully I’ll still be able to touch my toes or knees as the years roll on!


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