March 6-8: Writing while on holiday is tough!

There’s big trouble in little Strasbourg. The city is beautiful – there’s so much to see … and so little time. This ‘being on holiday and posting on fitfor15in15’ melarky is tougher than I thought. It’s the first time I’ve been away from home and tried to write.

But in order for this birthday extravaganza weekend holiday to be exactly that, and to be fair to Leo, who sits around twiddling his thumbs when I’m on the computer, I’m going to have to go against my my own wishes and not post anything more this weekend.

You can be safe in the knowledge I will be exercising every day. I have my gear here and my Thera-Band with a print out of exercises, and I’ll be doing them every morning in the hotel room.

Walking around the city is probably exercise enough – this afternoon we climbed the 66 metres to the viewing platform on the Catherdral de Notre-Dame for an amazing view in glorious sunshine, then walked around the city back to the hotel and again to dinner and so on and so on. It’s a wanderers paradise, and I’ll write a proper post about this lovely city, with lots of photos, next week.

Apologies again for reneging on my initial plan to blog every day this year. A change of plans that will keep Leo sane and give me the chance to be a tourist, 100 per cent.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!

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