March 31: Lausanne, push ups, abs and other inspirations


Beautiful Lausanne on Lake Geneva

Up until seven weeks ago, I’d never been to Lausanne, on Lake Geneva, and today I found myself there again, to see an old friend from London days. Brett and I worked in media, we had mutual friends and occasionally often found ourselves propping up a bar, beer in hand, watching said mates being idiots.

We’re older and wiser now, and chatted about the past and present (during the breaks) while Brett worked as a cameraman covering the current Iranian nuclear arms talks. When the presenter asked me if I was interested in the outcome, I had to confess my complete lack of knowledge (I dislike the word ignorance) on the subject. Unfortunately I couldn’t learn more from her, because her live news crosses were in Persian! The line-up of journalists and crews under those tents was totally multicultural.


Reporting from Lausanne on the Iranian nuclear discussions


All the outside broadcast (OB) vans

Overall, a great afternoon gasbagging and drinking tea down by the water in the freezing wind. Definitely good for the soul! Thanks Brett!


Mates for 20 years

For the workout today I made something up, which now has my arms shaking. Initially, the 15 minute plan was to alternate one minute of push ups with one minute of abs, but after the first two minutes I could only manage 30 seconds of push ups. So it became 30 seconds push ups, one minute abs, 30 seconds push ups etc. All the push ups were done on my knees – I’m still not strong enough to do a full push up. But I’m getting there. Using the timer on my phone, I wound down the clock and I know my arms, more than my abs, will be sore tomorrow. That might make amends for the chocolate croissant I ate in Lausanne!

Following on from Sal’s inspirational story yesterday, I was thinking, on the train, about other things that have made a lasting impression on me. I’ll limit this to two for now.

The first ‘person’ who came to mind was actually a frog. Watching Kermit the Frog do his Sesame Street News Flash stories made me want to be a journalist. Stop laughing. Ok, start again, because here’s a silly clip where Kermit tries to find out what makes people angry. For me, his incredible job allowed him to ask all the interesting questions, even if he sometimes never received a proper answer. Overall, those spots made a huge impression on my once overly inquisitive mind. Now I’m happy to just let some things remain unknown, possibly such as, for example, in-depth details of the Iranian nuclear debate.

The second big impression I want to mention was a feature story written by Gay Talese. While studying a Masters of Publishing in 2009-10, one of the subjects introduced me to his amazing magazine article about Frank Sinatra. In 2003, Esquire named it the greatest story they’d ever published. Even if you’re not a Sinatra fan, I vouch that you’ll still enjoy it. Oh to be able to write like that!

Fancy sharing some of your inspirational moments or favourite influential people?

Wishing you a wonderful day. And here are some other pictures from today:


Still getting used to the missing flagpole – it came down in the wind yesterday. Now we have an even better view!


Looking over Wohlen towards the Swiss Alps


The flowers are coming! The sign says “Flowers for self picking”


A beautiful magnolia bud, I think?!

2 thoughts on “March 31: Lausanne, push ups, abs and other inspirations

  1. I had a look at the Kermit video – reminded me of what a good program Sesame St was. Hadn’t realised that he was you ‘main man’ on the road to career!

    Thought you might be interested in looking at the concept of Mindfulness in your internet searching. It is the ‘buzz thing’ in personal and organisational development at the moment and lots of readings and articles going around on it – there are even mindfulness colouring in books for adults. I actually think you are quite ‘mindful’ in how you lead your life but thought you might find it interesting.

    I am keeping up with gym (although don’t think I am nearly as fit as you) and went this morning – I usually have Wednesdays as a down day but with gym closed on Friday this week wanted to keep up my 4 days. Have to say that my body was telling me if was meant to be a rest day.

    I think you are right on the magnolia – so beautiful

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    • Mindfulness has been part of my thinking for a few years now, especially when buying products and packaging and refusing to be caught up in the “buy buy buy” mentality. I should write something about it. Leo bought 12 tins of tomatoes the other day, as singles, and I thanked him for not buying the palette which comes wrapped in plastic. It didn’t take long before he had to confess there were no palettes left, so he had to buy the singles! But I think he understands it means a lot to me to be less wasteful. I’m really trying to cut down. There are some great bloggers who have zero-waste lifestyles – I should do a post about them! You’ve really been hitting the gym Judy, great to read! I hope you’re feeling a bit better for it and your foot and shoulder haven’t been playing up. Even though you may not have felt like being there, I bet you’re glad you’ve done it now!


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