May 7: Gardening and a little ditty


Looking a bit woolly


Quite a few dandelions in the grass. Boy on the prowl

Nothing like an afternoon working in the garden plus mowing the lawn to:

  • make you a bit sweaty
  • make your knees scream blue murder
  • give your lower back a run for its money
  • bring on sneezing fits that pop your eyeballs out of your head

Or is that just me?

But in the end it’s all worth it.


Boy still on the prowl


Roger and Rafa could play on that!


Three hours later, shooting into the afternoon sun

We’ve had so much rain, soooo much rain, and the lawn should have been mowed about a week ago. No chance. The ground was still really wet, so much so the mower kept clogging up, so Rene and I were constantly on our knees, hauling out handfuls of solid green lumps. After about the fourth cleanout, he decided to not cut it quite so short, and after that we didn’t have any problems. Our knees rejoiced.

Then after it was all done, I used an old fashioned pitchfork to put the grass clippings into the mulch pile. Now that was heavy lifting!

I quite enjoy being on the ride-on mower. I should sing songs while zooming around (I just had a vision of watching a sped-up video of the mowing (don’t worry, there isn’t one) set to The Benny Hill Show theme song) about being home on the range, because we do have deer. I’m just never up early enough to see them, apparently.

My songs would be classics – I might even make up a few on the spot – and I’d look the part, chewing on a wheat stalk, wearing a battered old Akubra hat and dust-covered RM Williams boots. Oh hang on, that’s an Australian scenario. I’ll start again:

My songs would be classics – I might even make up a few grammatically incorrect German ditties on the spot – and I’d look the part, chewing a clump of edelweiss, wearing a centuries old dirndl and grass-covered Zoggeli clogs. Oh, how I love spring!* Yodel-Ay-Ee-Ooo!

“As the sun went down behind the pines, the boss said call it quits. We surveyed our work and drank a beer. Wet grass sure is the pits.”

I’ll spare you from the German version, and my original English ending too!

Wishing you a wonderful day.

* except for the hayfever

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